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  1. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Small update Managed to get the very last new 1" master cylinder available from jap service parts. Also picked up a ek9 booster and cleaned it down/painted. I got a 40/40 prop valve now so will have a full ek9 brake set up now. I also picked up a JDM B18C that I will be building over the...
  2. Civicfacelift

    Skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams

    I've read somewhere on here that you need 11.8:1 to 12.0:1 CR for S2T2 cams. I'm going to be using them on a B18 build but going to use wiesco forged pistons. If your planning to raise rpm, then you probably need to upgrade your PCT pistons aswell. Just my opinion.
  3. Civicfacelift

    B18C Rebuild advice

    Thanks for the reply. I will be taking advice on boring out to 81.25. I'm going to go with wiesco pistons instead of PCT. I can go with 11.7 or 12.5:1 CR. Is 11.7 enough compression for stage 2 or am I better to go with stage 1 cams. I dont really want to go much higher compression as the...
  4. Civicfacelift

    B18C Rebuild advice

    Hi all, I've picked up a JDM B18C and want to do a factory refresh such as new timing belt/tensioner, oil/water pump, doing valve stem seals, valve guides, port & polish, head skim etc. while I'm doing this I was planning on building the head with skunk2 tuner cams (stage 1 or 2) with cam...
  5. Civicfacelift

    My 98 jdm dc2

    Hard to beat a clean Dc2 !
  6. Civicfacelift

    Ek9 brake booster WANTED!

    Hi All, Has anyone on here got an ek9 brake booster? I've been trying to source one for a few months now with no luck Or if anyone knows where I could find one that would be great. Thanks
  7. Civicfacelift

    New member saying hello from Ireland

    Welcome man, looks like a good one ! Have you it long, Any thoughts of selling?
  8. Civicfacelift

    Any og's still on here?

    Joined back in 2011, currently have an eg6 and building a b18c that I would like to put into a ek9 preferably for track use. Would also like to get a Dc5 if the right one pops up and use as a daily.
  9. Civicfacelift

    B18 Bagged Eg owner from Scotland!

    Welcome to the forum, nice to see another eg on here !
  10. Civicfacelift

    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    Can you deliver to ireland ?
  11. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Came across this picture from last track day. Have another track day next weekend so looking forward to that !
  12. Civicfacelift

    Porsche Brake Upgrade

    Nice upgrade, good difference in weight aswell .
  13. Civicfacelift


    Welcome to the forum, it must be a keeper after 13 years !
  14. Civicfacelift

    Hello Everyonw

    Welcome to the forum, dont think there's many FK8 owners on here!
  15. Civicfacelift

    Help needed - Idle surging when brake pedal released ?

    Hi, As title states, I am having issues with my idle that seems to be directly related to pushing and releasing the brake pedal. when I turn on the car, its idling at 1500rpm, if I press the brake pedal and keep it held, idle will stay at 1500 but as soon as I release pedal it goes up and down...
  16. Civicfacelift

    B18C EK9 Build

    car is looking great as always, how do you find the hybrid racing shorth shifter vs oem?
  17. Civicfacelift

    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    Is this spoon rod available anywhere else ? I ordered this back in May from Tegiwa and after 3 missed ETAs , they have said spoon have discontinued it.
  18. Civicfacelift

    Civic FD2

    Two epic cars man! How do you find the FD2?
  19. Civicfacelift

    Eg6 Brake Booster/Master cylinder 15/16"

    Does anyone on here have a 15/16 master cylinder and more importantly the brake booster NM-260V-1? Thanks
  20. Civicfacelift

    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    Thanks Dan, I've already installed the energy bushing kit and the white ring seat from lings honda. Both improved shifter feel but still not 100% so I think I'm going to get the rod above. Cheers