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  1. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    Well been a long time since I've been on here ( hi rvm ) - Got rid of my ek9 maybe 6-7 years ago now didn't buy anything remotely exciting Had a 320d m sport estate dumped on 19" bolas then I had to go work in Bulgaria for most this year and decided to treat myself upon coming home I'll update...
  2. Banana

    Ek9 parcel shelf

    Looking for a ek9 parcel shelf if anyone has one.. Be nice if you would be willing to post it to the highlands of scotland to :)
  3. Banana

    K20 Swapped EF

    Found this while hopping about the interweb Looks the buisness, Alot of attention went into obviously :)
  4. Banana

    Hi guys and girls

    Not been on much cause fortunately for me we have another addition to the family But one will be enough because he's perfect Meet little maxwell. Can't rotate the pic as I'm on my phone but I'll be back pretty soon :)
  5. Banana

    5zigen fireball alloys

    Bought these off K-circuit these are my old wheels i bought them to refurb and put on another honda but im working alot They were really beat up when i got them off sam and i knew they would be as they were my old wheels from when i put the 9 through a fence My friend sandblasted them and...
  6. Banana

    Banana Forsale

    Due to a change in plans and the fact ill be away from home for a while im selling some stuff i have Payment: paypal only - Location: highlands of scotland, dornoch Postage: royal mail or courier Reputation thread...
  7. Banana

    Photoshop gurus

    Any photoshop guru willing to do me a favour regarding wheels being coloured and a ek9 lol Would really help and id appreciate it tons
  8. Banana


    Anyone heard of these? In the process of purchasing a set for my next 9 project and was wondering are they rare? Ive never heard of them `,`
  9. Banana

    Xbox One Day One Edition

    Ive put it forsale on facebook and such but thought maybe some of my fellow ek9 friends might be interested? Its a day one i got it at midnight, night of the launch... Comes with Kinect ( never used ), Headset ( never used ), Day one pad ( Maybe 8 hours use ) and Forza 5 ( DLC Version ) I...
  10. Banana

    Ek9 Valve Stem Seals

    Found a bag of theese unopened in my shed, Made by Viton... Sure we all know what they look like £12 to your door, Paid by via paypal Item Condition: New Payment: Paypal ( ) Rep: Location: Highlands of...
  11. Banana

    Little White 106 GTI

    Well have been off the scene for a while due to some crazy things happening to me this year... 2012 is not a good year for me so far, and we have only hit febuary... 1st thing - GramsN1 bought the ek9, took it out for 1 last little donder, skated on black ice, hit a dyke, plowed through some...
  12. Banana


    Anyone got a number for him
  13. Banana

    Honda EK9 Clutch

    Item: Brand new, Boxed, EK9 Clutch Condition: Still in the wrapping + Honda Box Location: Highlands of Scotland Postage: £15 Price: £150 Payment: Gift Via Paypal Pics: Can get some, But i think we are well aware of what a clutch + release bearing looks like
  14. Banana

    Interest in Spoon Flywheel?

    Item: Spoon Flywheel 4.2kg Condition: Brand Spankers Location: Scotland Postage, Yes its added onto the price This cost me 380 pounds from Spoon Europe, Ill sell it posted for £370 Pics: If it doesnt sell im not fussed as it i can fit it before my 9 sells but just seeing if theres any...
  15. Banana

    1997 ek9

    Due to my finances and some other family buisness problems im selling my ek9 to fund something a bit cheaper... Ive spent a fortune on my ek9 and it has been pampered and always the best of parts fitted, Im the 2nd uk owner, 1st owner was my friend who imported it himself and his wife drove it...
  16. Banana


    Anyone selling pre-face 97 white mirrors... Got a passenger but the drivers is in tatters... Drop me a pm, ta
  17. Banana

    5zigen fireball sound

    speedo - YouTube :nice: Homewards bound from getting it mot'ed, enjoy
  18. Banana

    2 Headlight Things

    Im looking for someone who may have the black plastic clips that the bulb fits into for the sidelights and the indicator? i have pictures... im sure you understand what i mean? Like the actual black plastic screw in bit i need 2-3 of them Money waiting Please as i need these to...
  19. Banana

    EK9 Light, Tyres, Ek9 Gearknob

    Bridgestone Potenza's, These are good tyres, They are however perished on the outside and have 1.6-2mm tread left, dont know if these are any use to anyone but drop me a pm? Mint condition EK9 gearknob, Came out my 97 ek9, Gave it a polish, Good to go... Price: £40 posted i...
  20. Banana

    EK9 Bench + Passenger Light

    Item: Ek9 Rear Bench Condition: Used, Burnt - Right side of the bolster has some kind of burn marks on it hence me removing it, thought it could be useful to someone on here? Price: £50?, Arrange your own courier though... Item: Passenger Headlight 97 EK9 Condition: Good...