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  1. timek4

    Apple TV

    Know its not a car part, but looking for apple TV if anyones got one and can post? 2nd generation preferably
  2. timek4

    Carbon spoiler and Centre console

    Just seeing what prices are out there. - Looking for a carbon type r spoiler ( if theres tilt brackets with it ill take them too) Anyone know if a Facelift centre console will fit a pre-facelift dash? I'm after one if it fits.
  3. timek4

    EK Clocks with EL dials

    Item for sale: EK clocks with el dials Reputation :timek4 Price: £45 + postage Paypal?:yes buyer covers fee Location: Dublin, Ireland. Condition: 9/10 very good, no cracks, scratches and in full working order Description: EL dials which light up green and blue. Working perfect took them...
  4. timek4

    Ek9 rear bulb harnesses

    Looking to wire my rear lights up like a ek9 so need bulb harnesses for the extra bulb
  5. timek4

    aem v2 for ek civic

    Just seeing who has one for sale and whats out there Looking for a aem v2 to fit a ek civic best price and how much shipped to ireland cheers :nice:
  6. timek4

    4x100 wheels wanted

    Sold my te37's there yesterday so have cash waiting for a nice set of 4x100 wheels. Not interested in cheap wolfrace wheels ect and wheels like that. must be 15s may consider 16s depending on the wheel, would prefer black, dont really like white wheels but may consider depending on the wheel...
  7. timek4

    bulb question

    The lights in my center console have gone like where the symbols for the fan direction position and fan speed ect, anyone know what bulbs they take and is it hard to get the center console out ? cheers
  8. timek4

    15" rays engineering volk te37 (4x114)

    Item for sale: 15" rays engineering volk te37 (4x114) Reputation: Price: SOLD!. Paypal?: Yes buyer pays fee's and must have verified paypal account. Location: Dublin, Ireland Condition: Good Description: 15" rays engineering volk...
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    Leave feedback please
  10. timek4

    How much is a skunk2 axle back worth

    ^^ as above am after a skunk 2 exhaust, found one its 3 months old, only the axle back, the lad's looking €190, don't know much about how much these go for is that good or bad? I'm guessing they go for the same price in Ireland/UK. Cheers
  11. timek4

    Camo ek

    Found this on google, it could be wrap but I hope it isn't cause its awesome.
  12. timek4

    Carbon clock surround

    Was wondering can you get these in actual carbon fiber, this one is carbon dipped I was going to buy it but would prefer real carbon fiber. Cheers.
  13. timek4

    Purple beaks bar

    Looking to buy a purple beaks bar, only interested in beaks. Comment price and condition, cheers. :nice:
  14. timek4

    Tilt bracket

    Probably a stupid question I'm terrible at diy but got a tilt bracket today, i got 305 x 155 mm plates last week too and want to put them on, anyone know how? I know the part with the two holes in the is for the bumper but will i have to go drilling at my bumper? Cheers for any help
  15. timek4

    Ctr clocks problem

    Just put ctr clocks in my ek4 the other day and only realised this morning that thy were reading the wrong kph, I was doing 50kph when passing one of the speed things which tells your speed, but it said I was doing 47 kph I know it's not off by much but is this a common problem? Anyone know...
  16. timek4

    Front reg plate tilt bracket

    Looking for a Front reg plate tilt bracket.
  17. timek4

    ek9 clock question

    Probably a repost but anyway, thinking about buying ek9 clocks with more milage than is on my car, can you reset them or would you have to bring them to a garage to or something? Cheers.
  18. timek4

    Red stitching gear gator

    Looking for a red stitching gear gator and willing to post to Ireland Thanks.
  19. timek4


    Might be a repost but this is madness, funny though. Woman poos on shop floor MUST WATCH!!! (original) - YouTube
  20. timek4