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    Js Racing header - B16A EK4/EG6/EG9

    Before my accident I ordered a Js racing header! Brand New!! Suitable for ALL B16A engines (EK4/EG6/EG9) It should be with me within a 2 weeks and is up for sale! Piping diameters are as follows: 40mm - 45mm - 50mm Its a two piece header, with 4-2/2-1 made from stainless steel...
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    EK9 LSD/4.4 Ring Gear

    Hi I have for sale an EK9 LSD with the Final 4.4 Ring gear. Ideal for EK4 S4C gearboxes! I'm selling due to my car being written off. Never fitted on my EK4. Pictures up soon. PM with offers. Thanks :nice: Location - Birmingham, West Mids, UK
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    Insurance claims payout help

    Hi I had an accident last week, details can be seen here -----> ( Today the insurance assessor from the third party insurance came to assess my car. He told me that the car was in very good condition :nice: and the damage...
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    F***ing Accident

    I was taking a nap this afternoon, and heard two effin big bangs! Looked out of the window and my car was GONE! Iw as like WTF?? :shocked: Rushed outside and effin saw this man! [/IMG] I was completely shocked and effin mad like anything! Bodywork had hardly any damage but this is what it...
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    Breather hose to Air in-take

    I'm thinking to purchase a js racing intake (pre-owned). And wanted to know if the OEM breather line from the rocker cover (OEM) to the intake would be sufficient to the intake? Or would I need a after-market/Js racing breather hose? Thanks :)
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    Header questions

    I have some questions regarding the B16A headers. (I have a Jap B16A) 1) Will an EG6/9 header bolt straight onto the CAT to my EK4? A lot of aftermarket tuning companies have the collector size for B16A headers at 2.0 and B16B at 2.5. Does the collector size depend upon the B pipe...
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    Black Recaros

    Looking for Recaros from EK9 or DC2. Preferably in Black. And would prefer them delivered! :)
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    EK9 spolier

    Looking for the rear spoiler. Preferably in championship white & J's racing header too!
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    aj17ay's JDM EK4 SiR

    Here's my EK9 'look-alike' :nice: Took some pictures of my car tonight! They're a bit dark! 1997 Honda Civic EK4 SiR ]ImageShack® - Image Hosting Will upload more pictures when I take them during the day! Ajay
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    DC2 springs on EK4? & EK9 suspension of EK4 questions!

    Would DC2 springs fit on standard EK4 suspension? If so, would the ride height be compromised (higher)? Spring rates? I'm also thinking of using the EK9 suspension (springs/dampers) and read a previous thread regarding the use of sway bars! From experience have EK4 drivers using EK9...
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    Spoon rail fit OEM EK4 SiR Seat

    Was wondering about these seat rails Would the OEM seat from an EK4 SiR fit on these rails (Spoon low seat rails)? Or do I need aftermarket racing seats? Thanks Ajay
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    Waxoyl/Underseal required

    Hi Spotted some rust around the car today! :angry: My wheel arches (rear driver side noticeable, driver side not so bad) have developed rust on them. Whats the best way to treat them? Take the car to a Body shop? DIY? Does anybody know of a reputable garage that can waxoyl/underseal...
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    Possible water pump leak?

    I drove my car back from work (non-thrashing) and parked up, decided to move my car and found a puddle of water on my drive way. Jacked the car up and found there was water leaking from the hose/seal. I've attached a picture below. Its taken from just under the left hand side of the car...
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    Thank you VTEC DIRECT!

    I'm really suprised that VTEC Direct (Based in UK) hasn't been mentioned much on this forum! Adding this info from site: VTEC Direct aren't just another importer of Japanese cars. We specialise in OEM and aftermarket parts too! With a long history in the Japanese car scene from running car...
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    JDM EK4 SiR OEM wheel set up

    I had a look at the sticker by the drivers side door and found that originally my car came with a staggered set up. 14" front and 15" rear. At the moment I have 15" on both front and back. Does anybody know the advantages of using stock set up, having 14 on front and 15 on rear for my ek4...
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    I think my battery has had it life! Left the car for two days and it struggled to start up this morning! I've already recharged the battery couple of weeks back. Does anybody know the correct battery to buy for the EK4/9? I was going to get a EU/Uk one, but the connectors are thicker...
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    1 dip light! 2 on full beam!

    When my headlights are dipped only 1 bulb is working! But when on put on full beam, BOTH bulbs work! Is this a loose connection, or do I need to change the bulb? thanks
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    Creak Noise when driving off

    I've had this problem for about 2 weeks now! When I start the car from cold and driving off in 1/2nd gear, the car makes like a creaking noise. Soon as I stop the car (press the clutch in) the noise goes away. After about 20 seconds, once I've changed up gears the noise goes away and...
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    Installing new exhaust/system

    I'm thinking of installing my new exhaust muffler myself. Cant seem to find a thorough guide of how to do it and is does anybody know the best place to use axel stands on the civic? My B-pipe hasnt arrived yet, but is this something I can do at home? I dont which garage to trust...
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    Engine Oil for 1997 EK4

    Hi Would 10w-40 semi synthetic be okay to use for an 1997 B16A engine? or should I use 5w-40? Car is driven on a daily basis (non-track) Thanks Ajay