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  1. timek4

    Apple TV

    Know its not a car part, but looking for apple TV if anyones got one and can post? 2nd generation preferably
  2. timek4

    Carbon spoiler and Centre console

    Hmm I think I might just go for a pre facelift one then if its too much work. Thanks for the info.
  3. timek4

    Carbon spoiler and Centre console

    Just seeing what prices are out there. - Looking for a carbon type r spoiler ( if theres tilt brackets with it ill take them too) Anyone know if a Facelift centre console will fit a pre-facelift dash? I'm after one if it fits.
  4. timek4

    EK Clocks with EL dials

    Item for sale: EK clocks with el dials Reputation :timek4 Price: £45 + postage Paypal?:yes buyer covers fee Location: Dublin, Ireland. Condition: 9/10 very good, no cracks, scratches and in full working order Description: EL dials which light up green and blue. Working perfect took them...
  5. timek4

    Ek9 rear bulb harnesses

  6. timek4

    Ek9 rear bulb harnesses

    bump may take rear ek9 lights must be in very good condition
  7. timek4

    Irish Members

    1. RoEk9 - Dublin 2. Kon0089 97' CW Civic type R 3. gaza4 - Dublin 4. eg6-R - Galway 5. ProjectJDM 6. SmokyMo - Dublin 7. Dicko09 8. storiee! - Cavan 9. Vtec6000 - Galway 10. colliemcc 11. mick218 - Dublin 12. JameeZy 13. DOSvtec - Donegal 14. TOMBOT3000 15. Jpk88 00' EM1 coupe 16. MackieEK9 -...
  8. timek4

    Ek9 rear bulb harnesses

    Looking to wire my rear lights up like a ek9 so need bulb harnesses for the extra bulb
  9. timek4

    aem v2 for ek civic

    Anyone know will they fit a 1.4 ek civic actually?
  10. timek4

    aem v2 for ek civic

    Just seeing who has one for sale and whats out there Looking for a aem v2 to fit a ek civic best price and how much shipped to ireland cheers :nice:
  11. timek4

    Replaced my ek9 with this....

    I also have a soft spot for egs! Looks savage man! Should get a crow's bumper would look the business! Rare part though!
  12. timek4

    enkei rpf1s

    Bump! My take sprint harts any light weight wheels
  13. timek4

    enkei rpf1s

    Up, might take te37s or regas ect 4x100 no damage/welds
  14. timek4


    Bought a gear gator off him, very nice guy and cleaned the gator and took pics for me and kept me updated. Cheers mate! :nice:
  15. timek4

    enkei rpf1s

  16. timek4

    enkei rpf1s

    Hmm if you can get me a price mate I'll let you know if I can afford it Black prefferably but either colour is fine!
  17. timek4

    enkei rpf1s

    Bump will consider any lightweight wheels, regas ect, or a nice set of 4x100
  18. timek4

    4x100 wheels wanted

    Sold my te37's there yesterday so have cash waiting for a nice set of 4x100 wheels. Not interested in cheap wolfrace wheels ect and wheels like that. must be 15s may consider 16s depending on the wheel, would prefer black, dont really like white wheels but may consider depending on the wheel...
  19. timek4

    bulb question

    The lights in my center console have gone like where the symbols for the fan direction position and fan speed ect, anyone know what bulbs they take and is it hard to get the center console out ? cheers
  20. timek4

    Red stitching gear gator

    Got it sorted thanks tho pal!