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    Whats it worth

    Hi guys, i just bought a EM1 b18c4 turbo just to take the engine out for my crx and use afew bits of it, I will be taking Engine, Gearbox, ecu, turbo kit, Breaks, exhause and few other bits and bobs, What you guys reckon the shells worth rolling with full body kit , seats and electrics...
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    Looking to buy a set of aftermarket coilovers for ek. Must be in good condition
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    For the ek Must be good condition whats around, cash waiting
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    EK9 steering rack

    As above, need an ek9 steering rack, must be ingood condtion, not on the net much so sms msg me plz 07999983334
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    Best known Mapper for K20/24 uk

    Hi guys. I will be getting my car mapped soon however both my choices Romain and tdi north seem to be busy and have given me late dates. Can some one point me out to another good recommended mapper who is known for there work in the uk
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    Hey guys and gals, what gear boxes and final drives are lot using on your frank builds,
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    k20 LSD

    After an aftermarket lsd for k20 frank swap, must be in good condition, Mfactory would be ideal
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    Ek9 interia

    Looking for ek9 facelift handbreak and gear surround, also red stitch that goes round the gear stick, and ek9 front and back mats must be in good condition, txt me on 07404807668 as I'm not Internet much
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    Advice on going K24 frank

    Hi guys n gals iv got my funds more or less here now to source out my k24 swap, I'm going to be using my k20 ep3 head and already have rdx injectors, breathing mods and kpro, the head already has drag cartel dic cams in there but I'm looking for something bit more aggressive, either going for...
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    Drag Cartel dic cams

    Item: Drag cartel dic cams Condition: Used Price: £500 Location: Birmingham For the k-series, hardly used, car was only driven for 1 month with these cams then I had an operation on my knee and car has been parked up. They made 250bhp 180 torque on my k-swap and did 13seconds flat on 1/4 mile...
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    Want to now go K24

    Hi ek9erz I have finished building my k20 ek9 and I love it, the power and speed and the drive, the ability to redline, its pushing 250.1 bhp and 180 torque, it ran a 13.2 at santapod, I could have got a better time but it was my 1st time and I hit the limiter on 2nd and 3rd, however now I am...
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    BIG thanx to ek9 org

    I have finally completed my kswap into my face lift ek9, there's just few interia items needed but nothing major, I'd jus like to thank the members on here for there input on advice I needed to get the best gains and also many parts I bought from members on this forum, most my information was...
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    EK9 gear and hand break surrounder

    After the plastic part that goes around the hand break and gear stick, not sure if ek4 has the same one, also looking for ek9 red stich gear surrounder. Also in need of some ek9 red mats which must be in good condition. Looking to get these asap
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    K-swap fuel regulator

    As above, looking for good quality n cheap as possible :)
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    good tyres for kswap

    Does anyone know what good tyres I can use for ek9 kswap, car is N\A with bolt-ons, alloys are standard ek9, car will be used for road use and 1\4 mile runs, what's the best value for buck
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    3 inch straight through exhaust system for kswap

    As above must be in good condition, will be going on a kwap ek9, Want a full ss exhaust system, ideally would prefer if it comes of a kswap
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    Good Mapper for K-swap

    Finally after ages my kswap is comming to an end now, could anyone recomment a good tuner for me to get my car mapped and tuned on, will be using a kpro ecu, I'm in the west midlands however I don't travling to anther city to get best results. Car is ek9 with k20 + cams and bolt-ons
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    ekk2 mounts

    Looking for ekk2 mounts to fit the dc subframe to the ek
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    K24 block which one????

    Hi, towards the end of my kswap as my engine is still out of the car iv decided or still deciding to go k20\k24 This is what I have at the moment Facelift ek9 04 Ep3 type r full engine Ep3 gearbox with lsd Skunk2 70mm tb Skunk2 alpha header RRC mani with adaptor plate Performance...
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    Looking for a low milaged well looked after k24a2 engine,