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  1. Ryan-EK9

    2002 JDM EP3 horn issue & a cut wiring harness.

    Hi all. Hoping someone can shed some light on this. Got a JDM EP3 pre facelift. Have a horn that isn’t working. Checked fuse 7 in the engine bay. That’s okay. Removed the front bumper to reveal that both horns have been removed for some reason. Found the plug for the horn on the N/S, tested...
  2. Ryan-EK9

    WTB OEM Brakes.

    Hi all. Need a set of new genuine Honda front and rear discs and pads for my EK9. Looked & messaged Tegiwa as their site says the brakes listed exclude all imports, so waiting to hear off them. Saw some on Hendy e shop. Is that the same as Hendy Performance or a different site all together...
  3. Ryan-EK9

    WTB EK9 Clutch master cylinder.

    As the title says. Need a good, in working order clutch master cylinder for an Ek9. Thanks :nice:
  4. Ryan-EK9

    Fujitsubo RM-01A

    Hi there, I've been looking around for the above exhaust for some time now. The price that was most common was £800-£1000 shipped for a new system (2nd hand is harder to find) :( I then came across this... It's miles cheaper then anywhere else (before...
  5. Ryan-EK9

    Hardrace Bush Kit. EK9.

    I know this has been posted before so sorry, but I'll be buying the full kit very shortly. Is anyone on here selling the full kit or am I best buying the kit from ebay from Racing XS. Thanks.
  6. Ryan-EK9

    B16B Oil Pump gasket?

    Hi all. Recently noticed a small misting of oil coming from my oil pump and it's doing my head in! (Can't stand any sort of oil leak) Question is, does it have a rubber gasket In between oil pump housing and the block or is something like Honda Bond used instead. Just want to make sure I know...
  7. Ryan-EK9

    NHB Honda Civic EP3 Premier Edition

    Item for sale: NHB Honda Civic EP3 Premier Edition Reputation: Price: £4900 Paypal: No, cash on collection. Location: Warrington, Cheshire. Condition: Very good condition. Description: Here we have my mums black Premier Edition EP3 for sale...
  8. Ryan-EK9

    FL EK9 drivers window regulator + motor.

    Hi all. My drivers window reg on my 99 Facelift EK9 as decided to die on me now :(. It's got two, 2 pin plugs so I guess that makes it the 4 pin option? Needed ASAP! Thanks, Ryan :)
  9. Ryan-EK9

    VTEC Birthday Cake!

    So my girlfriend had me a cake made for my birthday and I can't thank her enough! Thought I'd share with you all as it seems appropriate here ;) The thing nearly broke her arms as she brought it in! And it tasted delicious :)
  10. Ryan-EK9

    WTB new OEM dizzy cap and rotor arm.

    As title says, before I try Honda, I'm after a new OEM distributer cap and rotor arm. Thanks.
  11. Ryan-EK9

    1" brake master cylinder & servo.

    Item for sale: 1" Brake master cylinder & servo. Reputation: Price: £25 + postage Paypal: Yes (buyer pays fees) Location: Warrington Condition: 7/10 Description: I bought this by accident as I wanted ek9/98 spec dc2 brake...
  12. Ryan-EK9

    EK9/98 Spec DC2 brake master cylinder & servo.

    Item for sale: EK9/98 Spec DC2 Brake master cylinder & servo. Reputation: Price: £55 + Postage Paypal: Yes (buyer pays fees) Location: Warrington Condition: 8/10 Description: EK9/98 Spec DC2 brake master cylinder and servo. I...
  13. Ryan-EK9


    Please leave any feedback if you have delt with me. Thank you :)
  14. Ryan-EK9

    Water leak form tailgate area?

    Hi all, This has just started as far as I know but when it rains heavily, I get a small amount of water coming in from the N/S/R light area. I've sealed ths rear light seals over a year ago but I'm ordering some new ones to be safe. But I found this near my near side tailgate hinge an...
  15. Ryan-EK9

    A/C control unit bulb.

    Anyone know the name or where I can get this bulb from other then honda? I'll save honda till the last resort. [/URL] Any info would be appreciated :)
  16. Ryan-EK9

    WTB EK9 rear light bulb holders.

    I'm after a set (both sides) of rear bulb holders for and EK9. I'm not sure if the UK civics are different or not but I've seen a few sets on ebay and they have different bulb holder fitments. Thank you :)
  17. Ryan-EK9

    DC2 brake problem.

    Having a bit of trouble with my DC2 brake pedal feel. Ill start you off. I replaced the rear calipers with new/reconditioned due to the handbrake having a million clicks and not holding the car anyway. Meanwhile I decided to paint all the calipers whilst I was taking them off. I clamped...
  18. Ryan-EK9

    1" Brake master cylinder

    Hi, I need a brake master cylinder for a 2000 UKDM Integra Type R. If anyone has one let me know :)
  19. Ryan-EK9

    Spraying wheels NH-0. Do I need lacquer?

    Hi, sorry if this has been posted before but I can't use the search due to me being on my iPhone. As title says, do I need lacquer for spraying my wheels (ill be using an aerosol can if that makes a difference) or can I just sand, prime and just spray? Any help would be appriciated. :)
  20. Ryan-EK9

    Preston Cruise, CW Pre facelif EK9

    As above, anyone on here? Gave you a thumbs up as you were leaving.