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  1. aleksboch

    Still wanting.. EK9

    Hello, I posted last year that I was looking for a facelift EK9, but stopped whilst I purchased a DC5 instead. However this year, I am back on the search again for a clean EK9. If you have one you're considering selling, please DM me. I am looking for a facelift only. Regards, Aleks
  2. aleksboch

    Mugen Intake

    For Bseries... please let me know if you have one for sale
  3. aleksboch

    Wanted: clean ek9

    Serious buyer here, been on the search for quite awhile. Been looking everywhere for one, and not much listed for sale at the moment. Too many with rust, high miles or no history which are a put off. But, before I give up and start my search in Japan I thought I would see if anyone on this...
  4. aleksboch

    Anyone know this car?
  5. aleksboch

    New user - Looking to get back to my roots

    Hi all - Aleks here... Looking to get back to my honda roots, after owning a few diesel barges over the years - I need some fun back into my life! Used to own an 97 Ek4 awhile ago with CTR bits - but obviously keen to own the real thing! Could post some pics of the old girl, but don't really...