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  1. olly ek9

    Dc2 / ek9 parts

    For sale, postage on small bits but collection for larger items. Based in Exeter, willing to travel :-) Parts all from my brother joes ITR DC2 Willwood midilite set up, complete with 3 sets of pads, 1 set of good ferodo ds2500 pads 1 set of warn ferodo ds2500 pads 1 set of hawk race...
  2. olly ek9

    Wanted urgently type injectors

    Wanted urgently dc2 integra or ek9 injectors preferably from somewhere in the south west damaged one and have a trackday on Friday
  3. olly ek9

    Scroth Rallye 3 ASM Silver 3 point Harnesses

    Item for sale: pair of schroth harnesses in silver Reputation: Price: £100 delivered to uk Paypal?: yes Location: Devon Condition: used 9.5 /10 Description: I have had these harnesses for a couple years now and they are in...
  4. olly ek9

    honda valve adjustment tool and feeler gauge

    Item for sale: Honda Valve adjustment tool & feeler gauge Reputation: Price: £35 delivered to uk Paypal?: yes Location: Devon Condition: as new 10 /10 Description: honda tool for adjusting your valve clearances and corresponding...
  5. olly ek9

    Ek9 Bolts, Exhaust and rocker cover

    Item for sale: Black anodised rocker cover Nuts Nutz Nads set of 8 Price: £6 delivered sold to DV88888888 Location: Exeter, Devon Postage: Free to UK Condition: Brand new 10/10 Contact: Reputation:
  6. olly ek9

    EK9 Parts, Rota R888 Spoon ECU Toda MU Intake etc

    put my car back to standard :shocked: Item for sale: Toda V2 Manifold B16B Price: £650 SOLD Location: Exeter, Devon Postage: Collection only please or use own courier Condition: good used 8/10, physically pervect but some cosmetic corrosion Contact: Reputation...
  7. olly ek9

    1998 Prefacelift Ek9 Toda, Spoon, etc

    Putting my beloved Ek9 up for sale, not 100% sure on doing this but as they say, everything is for sale at the right price,, :nice: Item for sale: My ek9 Price: £5250 SOLD Location: Exeter, Devon Condition: Excellent Contact: Reputation...
  8. olly ek9

    Mugen Airbox

    Oh my... :nice: it sounds amazing on vtec,,,, :drive: just fitted one last night that i bought from duncan :nice: will post some pics in due course, so much smootehr power delivery
  9. olly ek9

    drivers side front wheelarch black plastic liner trim

    drivers side front wheelarch black plastic liner trim after one of these in as new condition please no holes rips or tears, what have you got? :nice:
  10. olly ek9

    Huge K & N filter and 3" velocity stack & hose coupler

    Item for sale: K&N 6" filter + velocity stack & associated piping Price: £65 Location: Exetershire Condition: 10/10 brand new never fitted Description: see below Paypal: Yes Pictures: see below (borrowed ones for now but will update with the real deal ASAP) Feedback...
  11. olly ek9

    Mugen / or tegiwa mu style airbox

    after one of these for my ek9, nice and cheap please, what have you got? :dance:
  12. olly ek9

    Berg cup Racing Video

    not sure if this is in the right section, but blooming eck its well worth a watch!! amazing :drive: YouTube - Hillclimb Bergrennen Cours de côte Salita 2010
  13. olly ek9

    plug cover removed for?

    Ive seen a few people on here running without the little plug cover on their B series engines,, whats the purpose of this better heat dissipation? or aesthetics? or stops the plug leads getting overheated, discuss :)
  14. olly ek9

    Honda Type 2 longlife coolant

    anyone got the part number for this? :blinx:
  15. olly ek9

    Olly Ek9

    may aswell get my name up here :drive:
  16. olly ek9

    Spoon Sports Dc2 Airfilter

    Item for sale: my brother joes spoon sports DC2 drop in airfilter Price: £65 GBP posted to UK Location: Exter , Devon, UK Condition: Used, good Description: Spoon sports airfilter for dc2 airbox, Increase torque and throttle response with the Spoon Sports Drop-In Air Filter. These are...
  17. olly ek9

    EK9 Clutch Master Cyl Part number etc

    I recently had to change the clutch master cyl on my EK9 after much digging around i managed to get a blueprint one for just under £60 and to my surprise it was exactly the same part as the original, see pics, , Booth genuine nissin parts,, Blueprint part number is ADH23405 and...
  18. olly ek9

    anyone used

    i am just hunting down the cheapest place for some ap racing dot 5.1 formula fluid and these people seem to be the cheapest and thy offer free delivery, their checkout does not seem to have a secure verification or anything though so thinking twice about ordering from them has anyone on here...
  19. olly ek9

    ek9 clutch master cylinder

    has anyone got one or can anyone supply me with a new one for decent money? anyone have experience with pattern ADL Blueprint master cyls? let me know, thanks
  20. olly ek9

    Nurburgring 2010 trip Photo thread

    drop them all in here :win: