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  1. robthedoc


    Selling my B series turbo set up. Garrett GT3076R Originiall Fabrications ram horn manifold Tial MV-R 44mm wastegate Tial Q bov Go autoworks large bar and plate intercooler Inter cooler pipe work and silicone couplers Stainless creations 3 inch turbo back stainless exhaust (ek) Water/oil...
  2. robthedoc

    Who's still about?

    been a while folks. Who's still kicking about?
  3. robthedoc


    Im back in edinburgh for a few days, got a bit of a meet going on tonight at Hermiston Gate about 7. Feel free to head along...
  4. robthedoc

    Front splitter

    looking for pics/suggestions for front splitter for my 9. Come at me...
  5. robthedoc

    Originiall Fabrications. Edinburgh

    Just thought I would stick up a post for my mate Niall. He is Originiall Fabrications in Edinburgh, a self taught fabricator and a honda guy in his younger days (turbo crx to name but one) now into Audi's (nobodys perfect) but an absolute top guy in general. Done loads of work for me for various...
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    Rob's nhb ep3 daily beater

    Carla's car has fresh paint and engine so obviously it's off the road for the winter and she's stolen my ep1 red rocket! Not to worry tho as it's been replaced by an ep3 :)) I bought it in the dark after viewing loads of sheds and getting to the point that I couldn't be arsed looking any more...
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    Robs emigrating meet

    Ok guys some of you know already but for those who don't... I'm leaving my beloved Scotland for Stoke to work with Tegiwa Imports. They/we are setting up a performance garage under the banner of TI Motorsport. Anyway I'm leaving Edinburgh for the last time one week from tomorrow! I've had a...
  8. robthedoc

    This is blowing my mind...

    ok guys I've been doing a build. Full engine rebuild b18c and full respray. Car is a 2000 ej9. Was well put together but was showing its age. Long story short since rebuilding, the speedo on the s2k cluster stopped working. All other displays are fine but speedo reads zero. It has a...
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    Intake air temp sensor b series

    as above guys needing an iat sensor...
  10. robthedoc

    Precision Measuring Equipment

    Hi Guys I'm upgrading my measuring equipment, looking for a set of external micrometers and a bore gauge. Just wandering what make people recommend? NSK, Mitutoyo, M&W? Or if anyone is selling/knows of someone selling some let me know. I would rather spend more on better quality second hand...
  11. robthedoc

    heavily modified and convicted af!

    Hi Guys My 9 needs insurance to reflect what it actually is, which is no longer an unmodified vti :lol: Basically I was banned in 2013 for 6 months for totting up and have 3 points for phone currently. I know, im a terrible human being! Car is pretty serious, as most of you know. Can anyone...
  12. robthedoc

    Can anyone help? Testing the power of the forum

    Hi guys i've bought two front wings and a front bumper for an ek build going on atm. Basically they are in Leicestershire and I'm wondering if theres anyone in that neck of the woods or passes through it that could collect them for me? Think it's melton mobray they're in.
  13. robthedoc

    Champ white ek9 drivers door

    the world has it f*cking in for my car. Some guy managed to ram it in a car park. Actual ******* bellend. Anyway just the door that's damaged so need one asap! Please help.
  14. robthedoc

    Edinburgh in about an hour...

    As above guys, wee meet at Hermiston gate from 8.30 onwards. Get involved!
  15. robthedoc

    Cruising engine temperatures? FIXED

    Hi guys, some of you will know i run a sleeved block but i'm looking for any info on b series with similar issues... When idling temp sits half way on the gauge, fine, when under load/boost driving hard temps are just under half. Fine When cruising, say 70mph at 4k rpm temp drops right down...
  16. robthedoc logo

    Hi guys Does anyone have a club logo as it is at the top of the page that they could email me? Ideally need the car outline with and ek9 honda civic type-r forum in the colours they appear in but on a black background. @B16Swt ? Im sh*t at photoshop/editing so any help much...
  17. robthedoc flag

    Ok folks @B16Swt has sorted the new forum flag and paid for it himself. Top guy I know. Call it 130 quid can I just get everyone who is willing to chip in on this to add their name to the list and we can divy up the cost between us. If we get 8 people after me and Sam it's 13 quid each. 1...
  18. robthedoc

    Harsh vibration between 5/5.5 rpm

    Guys I've started to get a harsh vibration when going up and down the revs. It's between 5000 and 5500 rpm. Can feel it through the whole car. I'm going to check all mounts etc are tight but worries this might be the beginning of the end for my box. Anyone had similar issues?
  19. robthedoc

    EK9 Shell

    As above I'm looking for an ek9 shell. Anything considered let me know if anything pops up on facebook or another forum etc. Cheers Rob
  20. robthedoc Facebook page & merch, what would you like to see?

    Hi Guys @rvm has made me an editor of the facebook page. I'm trying to get a few pics up everyday to keep the world aware that we have a fantastic forum here. Tbt this is one of the few forums I have ever used that doesn't suffer from trolling, arguments, offensive content and just general...