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  1. jomaripretty

    b18c vs b18c5 intake manifold any difference

    is there any difference between b18c and b18c5 intake manifold
  2. jomaripretty

    which is the fastest ek9 or b20vtec

    which one will deliver fastest & quickest speed a stock ek9 built or stock b20vtec with type R head and stock bottom b20b
  3. jomaripretty

    rough start

    i notice lately that when i click my key to start engine, the engine is very rough you have to press gas pedal otherwise it will idle very low at apprx 4rpm, whats the problem, tip of 2 spark plug 3&4 is colored black
  4. jomaripretty

    X-1R how effective is this or just a snake oil

    has anyone tried using X-1R engine treatment, how effective is this or it is just a snake oil
  5. jomaripretty

    PR3-3 head

    hello i have a head with casting PR3-3 from what head casting is this B16, b18 or what? ty
  6. jomaripretty

    breather modification

    i have b20vtec and im planning to do breather block modification on my b20b as shown in picture, may questions: will oil be coming out of the said breather, resulting in lost of oil will it have any effect on lowering of oil pressure and its delivery to head