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  1. robthedoc

    True straight exhaust

    Kakimoto did a under tank set up. Few other makes as well. Nightmare to live with.
  2. robthedoc


    It did about 500 mate. Small turbine housing held it back. Was on Neptune, mapped by @Vtec6000 and it was absolutely mint. However it’s now sold.
  3. robthedoc


    Selling my B series turbo set up. Garrett GT3076R Originiall Fabrications ram horn manifold Tial MV-R 44mm wastegate Tial Q bov Go autoworks large bar and plate intercooler Inter cooler pipe work and silicone couplers Stainless creations 3 inch turbo back stainless exhaust (ek) Water/oil...
  4. robthedoc

    Scuttle panel

    Any ek scuttle will fit. I know this as I ran over my original
  5. robthedoc

    Who's still about?

    I have another ep3 as well...
  6. robthedoc

    Who's still about?

    Can't beat em as a daily. Mine is stock brakes and suspension, definitely wouldn't put coilovers on. 240+ bhp and 172 fl/lbs, lsd, dc5 gears tho and a leather interior out an ep1! :D
  7. robthedoc

    Who's still about?

    Yeah man looking like it. I'll confirm nearer the time. Never been in one mate it's an unusual car but I don't mind them too much. What's sam driving on the daily these days? @B16Swt
  8. robthedoc

    Who's still about?

    Glad to see a few people still here tho! It's a nice retreat from Facebook and Instagram. I used to hate forums for the same reason I hate Facebook groups. Back in my youth all the Ford RS forums were full of absolute bellends much like the fb groups. Only really ever used this forum. I'm...
  9. robthedoc

    Who's still about?

    Yes mate. I'll need to catch up on your thread. I'm gonna try and spend more time back on here.
  10. robthedoc

    EK9 Gearbox Replacement

    I have complete s4c gear sets for sale
  11. robthedoc

    Who's still about?

    been a while folks. Who's still kicking about?
  12. robthedoc

    Uploading Pictures - Photobucket Issues

    Absolute scum bags!! Gonna get my pics moved and boycott that ****!
  13. robthedoc


    Im back in edinburgh for a few days, got a bit of a meet going on tonight at Hermiston Gate about 7. Feel free to head along...
  14. robthedoc

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    Facebooks killed it mate
  15. robthedoc

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    Looks mega clean.
  16. robthedoc

    Front splitter

    looking for pics/suggestions for front splitter for my 9. Come at me...
  17. robthedoc

    Grease Release Bearing Sleeve

    X2 just clean it up make it nice and you'll be fine. I say this all the time grease + dirt = grinding paste. You wouldn't put grinding paste on so no need. Same with brake pads.
  18. robthedoc

    Jesse888 Forged/stroker turbo ek9

    @jesse888 that is the palest cup of tea I've ever seen an Englishman drink!
  19. robthedoc

    radiator complete

    Same I have complete oem. In stoke on Trent if you're close
  20. robthedoc

    Japfest Silverstone 2017

    1. Robthedoc (CW Turbo EK9) 2. DMEK9 (CW EK9) 3. DMEK9's Son (EK4) 4. R1PPU (VSM B16 EJ9) 5. Carla (VSM B18 EJ9) 6. 7.