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  1. Teggymun

    My 98 jdm dc2

    Its been 3 years since i broke my em1 for spares and around 2 years since i got rid of my champ white fn2. But im back in the honda game with what has been my dream car for almost 10 years! First uk owner, 138kkm on the clock and totally standard bar some cusco coilovers and a set of mugen pedals!
  2. Teggymun

    Rusty roof issues on my Champ white fn2

    Hey guys. Time has come to be a bit more grown up so decided to get myself a more suitable daily as the coupe was too impractical and the current daily (Citroën c1) was just shite so I traded the c1 in and got a champ white fn2, amazing condition and completely standard bar a rear seeker wing...
  3. Teggymun

    Fuel gauge issues help!

    Put my em1 into the garage to get rta bushes and lcas done, got it back and the tank was "empty" so went and filled it up, took 10 pounds less than usual and it's not above 3/4. Now I've done 80 miles and it's been bouncing between 1/2 and 1/4 full. Going to contact the garage again but thought...
  4. Teggymun

    Best place to buy new facelift ek wings??

    Looking to replace my front wings on the coupe, facelift ek not paying 150 each from Honda or silly prices for carbon or fiberglass. Also don't want the fitment to be pants either, heard autoparts can supply them but would like a 2nd opinion on go anyone got any ideas?
  5. Teggymun

    Rc g4 help!!!!!

    Friend of mine who's not a member yet as he's just bought his first Honda has these on it, they are enkei rc g4 powder coated black but he fancies something different. He's put them up for sale but some people have doubts to whether they are real, they are stamped enkai instead of enkei but have...
  6. Teggymun

    cage help?!?!

    right folks im looking to cage my em1 this year but ideally id like to get a 2nd hand cage to save some money, i hear that dc2 cages fit and theres also the will it or wont it debate with ek cages. not looking for a weld in and i stay in central scotland so ordering from the usa isnt something i...
  7. Teggymun

    bc coilovers advice!!

    since buying my em1 over 2 years ago its had a set of bc coilovers on it, they handle really well but are all at different ride heights :/ before i take it for a full geo i was wondering what to do to set them up 'properly' so the spring rates are all the same and the ride height is even all...
  8. Teggymun

    Hks 10w45 any good in a b16b?? Opinions?

    Been advised to get hks 10w45 racing oilvfor my b16b but would prefer to get some opinions before I buy it, I've always used motul before since I got the engine and was wondering if anyone had used this stuff??
  9. Teggymun

    starting issues :s very odd

    so i recently done a clutch and fly job on my car, also fitted a 4.4fd to the gearbox while it was out, all that was disconnected was the vss, reverse light wiring and the earth connected to the box and it was all done with as little wire work as possible, i put it all back together, charge the...
  10. Teggymun

    looking for a b series4.7 or 4.9 final drive!!

    Alright folks im looking to fit a 4.7 or 4.9 final drive to my s9b but dont fancy buying brand new unless i really have to, what yous got?? Im based in central.scotland but have paypal if you can post :)
  11. Teggymun

    clutch issues, help!!!!

    Driving to work this morning i stop at some lights at a roadworks and im in 2nd gear with the clutch pushed in, and the car starts to.shudder.forwards as if im pulling away, i quickly change to neutral and give the pedal a few.pumps and evrything is fine until i pull away and i cant select...
  12. Teggymun

    car wont start

    So ive fitted a b16b from a prefacelift ek9 into my facelift em1, the engine came.with a loom and p30 ecu mapped on chrome, i didnt use the.preface loom and purchased an obd2b to obd1 conversion harness, evrything fitted and it doest start, starter motor turns, injectors prime and fuel pump...
  13. Teggymun

    harness help!!!

    Im looking at getting a set or str fia aproved harnesses. Anyone used them before? Whats the quality like??
  14. Teggymun

    skunk2 inlet on b16b, good idea?

    Thinking of buying a skunk2 inlet manifold for my b16b, is it worth doing? Il be buying a toda exhaust manifold, already got a dc2 airbox and p30 ecu
  15. Teggymun

    b series intake/induction, what to do?

    Hi guys Got a 98spec dc2 airbox and pipe on my car the now but ive been offered a mugen induction kit for a good price, is it worth my while changing it? Either way id be setting up a cold air feed to it, some people say mugen is the best you can get, whats you opinions??
  16. Teggymun

    Caged em1 coupe

    Right, so finally a progress thread seeing as ive had the car a year now, and what a year its been too! Once i bought the car i purchased a takata harness and instantly thought i was the bees knees, i then got myself a mugen rep carbon wing for a neat 50 quid At about the same time i then...
  17. Teggymun

    best intake/exhaust upgrades for b series

    I know theres probably a few pages on this already, but hear a lot of different opinions on the subject So heres two questions 1. What is the best intake/induction kit for a b series, wether its a whales cock, 98spec dc2 airbox or an aem v2 2. Whats the best header/exhaust manifold you can...
  18. Teggymun

    b18cr or c6 wanted!!

    Looking to stick a b18cr or c6 in my em1, preferably id like to find one in central scotland and idealy id like to hear the engine running too. Anyone able to help a brotha out?
  19. Teggymun

    em1 with dc2 rear wing help!!!!

    Im thinking of fitting a dc2 rear wing to my em1 but not sure what it would look like, has anyone got one? Or pictures ect of it??
  20. Teggymun

    em1 tegiwa x brace

    recently fitted a tegiwa x brace to my em1 and just thought i would post my thoughts on it ect so here goes i ordered it from tegiwas ebay shop for £120 delivered, within no time at all it was at my door so it was out the box as soon as it was signed for, first opinions was it was a very solid...