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    EK9 OEM HOP Window visor fasteners (plastic rivets)

    I have the original Honda Window visors for my EK9, which i bought many years ago. Unfortunately the dealerhip who installed them back then, messed things up a bit. It was not bad, but i want to fix it now. The main issue is, that they messed up the original fastener plastic rived things. They...

    Ek9 Seat belt tensioner working very slow

    Hi guys. Not sure if the name of the device is correct. but in my EK9 the seat belts are tensioning / retracting (rolling back in) very slow, once they're pulled out. Is there anything i can adjust or improve here? it's the same on both sides, and im worried i need to replace both tensioners...

    Sergeant-RD JDM EG6 / EK4 / EK9 Aluminum radiator piping kit

    Now have something rare for sale: A set of Sergeant racing development (Sergeant-RD) Aluminum Radiator hardpiping kit. It's a three piece design with additional thread for a temperature sensor. It came from Japan with blue samco hoses, but added neutral black hoses myself. Has been laying in my...

    EK9 Battery discharging / Taillight problem

    Hey guys, i have a Problem with my 2000 EK9: Somehow i figoured out my battery would discharge very fast when the car is parked. means within 3 days or so. At the same time the brake-lights dont work properly (both of them), but sometimes they do. i have the Feeling there is a loose Connection...

    NEW Spoon radiator stay & red neon lights

    Selling a NEW genuine brushed aluminum (called White on the spoon homepage) Honda radiator stay. 35.- CHF or best offer, icluding shipping within switzerland. Shipping wordwide for extra charges possible A brand new set of red neon lights (1x 32cm & 1x11cm), including inverter and...

    AC AUtotechnic Gauge cluster, civic EK / EJ 96-00

    Selling my used but in pretty good condition AC-Autotechnic Dash cover. In original packing. It contains of a cover plate, three CNC-Milled aluminum Gauge covers and some plexiglass covers. The plexiglass covers are missing some of the latches. but they’re unneeded. I got them like this many...

    Genuine EK9 handbrake console / Armrest eliminator

    Selling my EK9 armrest eliminator / Handbrake console, out of my 2000 EK9. It has a few scratches from the previous owner and it's a bit dusty in the pics (i cleaned it meanwhile :D) but otherwise in creat condition. the fabrik around the handbrake is still there. no clips or stuff broken...

    EK9 Differente ECU versions / Interchangebility

    Hi there, i found a few interresting used modded ECU's for mine. now im not sure if any EK9 ECU will fit into my late 2000 Facelift EK9 or if there are different versions. 1) Are there different EK9 ECU versions? 2) Do they fit plug and play and everything works? 3) are there some problems...

    please leave your feedback here, thanks :)

    Genuine OEM EK9 facelift Climate Control A/C Panel with electronics

    Edit: SOLD! I’ve bought this a while ago for my daily EJ9, but since i bought a real EK9 now i have this one for sale. It’s a genuine, used but totally mint and great working condition EK9 Climate console panel. Only to be found in the Japanese (RHD) Honda Civic type-R EK9...

    Battery cutoff switch ideas needed..

    Hi there! as i only use my EK9 during summer and not too much either then, i decided to install a battery cutoff switch to prevent battery from discharging during longer non-driving periods. Something like this: Now i was wondering where to install it? i would prefer some place in the...

    EK4 vs EK9 Mirror glass?

    Hi There, i have a question: Is there any difference between the EK9 and EK4 exterior mirror glasses? i know EK9 has electrical adjustment and power folding options and no idea if there's something similar in an EK4, but don think that matters. I Just wonder if EK4 mirror glass will fit...

    how remove hood rod?

    Hi there, after i actually have mounted some nice hydraulic hood-openers, im wondering how i can get rid of the genuine Hood rod.? has anyone removed this before? didn't find any answers in the service manual. i don't need it anymore at the moment and want to clean up the engine bay a little...

    Remove OEM Radio?

    Hi guys, need your help once again :) I got what seems to be an OEM Japanese 1xDIN Pioneer Radio (in gold color) in my EK9. sadly it isn't like the usual DIN radio possible to remove it with those hooks. so i wonder how i get it removed. problem is the JDM radio has other frequency blocks...

    Vmax, OEM Offset and weights?

    Hi There, i wanted to register my car today but sadly some informations needed were missing: can anybody help me answering some specs: 1) Can anybody tell me the Offset from the genuine 15" Enkei wheels that came OEM with the EK9? 2) Can anybody tell me Vmax (Max speed) from the EK9...

    how to change the fuel rail?

    hi guys :) since a few months i have this Skunk2 carbon composite fuel rail laying around in my garage. and i thought it's time to mount it now. sadly i have no idea, im not a mechanic but i have some skills and i think im able to handle such a small bolt-on-parts-change :) but i might need...

    K20 Moonrock EK with Enkeis ;D

    I'm Lovin' it :D Specs: Year: 97 Make: Honda Model: Civic Body colour: Moon Rock ENGINE: K20A2 from DC5R Maximum Power Output : 190whp Engine Cooling System: Mishimoto Radiator Fuel System: Walbro fuel pump, Rcrew Fuel...

    need Ek9 Catalog Scan / Brochure

    has anyone ever seen a (complete?) scan, or does anyone maybe have a hardware-copy from an originale EK9 catalog from japan? or any other official Honda Brochure that contains the EK9 specs? i need this for getting my car street legal here. will make my registration work a lot easier and i've...

    Koyo Rad EK9 @ Motegi twin rings (Honda Civic one make race 2005)

    found some nice pix at the koyo radiator company homepage :D have fun

    need HKS SLD Installation HELP!!!

    hey guys! i saw some of you have the HKS SLD mounted in their 9's for removing the speed limit! i bought one and hoped it just was plug & play, but now i found out i need to cut and rewire some cables at the ECU. no problem, because its close to my job so i do this daily :) now my...