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  1. si8pny

    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9

    Still here someone make a sensible offer before I have to deal with Ebay
  2. si8pny

    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9

    That shows how its been done
  3. si8pny

    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9

    The B pipe pictures show it but for the K it was shortened slightly due to how the manifolds sit. Wouldnt be hard to make it fit a B again
  4. si8pny

    My EK9.... take 2

    Great build thread! looks so clean! How is the paint holding up on the gearbox?
  5. si8pny

    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9

    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9 been modified to fit a k swap In good condition slight scrape to the mid box and the rear tip has the smallest of dents not noticeable once fitted. New these are £800 -£1,000 that's if you can even find them for the ek civic. Due to the scrapes and the...
  6. si8pny

    Electric Power Steering

    Ive also seen some people use Vauxhall Corsa and Saxo/106 pumps for it.
  7. si8pny

    Traveling to London in May

    Is it just London you are staying at? Worth going to the history and science museum as they are free. For car stuff you could visit Ace Café.
  8. si8pny

    Aaron's K20 EK (UPDATED)

    Love this. Like a facelift version of mine
  9. si8pny

    Engine Cooling Upgrades - Help Needed

    not good about the HG although time for a K swap?
  10. si8pny

    JUN ek4 SiR

    What offset are your team dynamics? They fill the wheel arch really well
  11. si8pny

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Oh yeah I couldn't do it on a daily basis! Really tempted to buy a cheap EK shell and send it to be dipped and then have a cage welded in. Then just reshell and respray.
  12. si8pny

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Nice updates. Really need to give my shell some love. Just don't think I have the time for this. How long has the above take you?
  13. si8pny

    K Swap Coilovers

    Hi All, I currently run a set of very old D2 coilovers. I have no idea on the spring rates but they are very firm. They have been on the car for over 7 years. I want to switch to something that hasn't been abused and not leaking. The car is now running a K20 and I'm looking for something...
  14. si8pny

    Race Battery Discharging

    Could you not fit a quick release battery terminal and take the battery off when not in use? Sounds like its not getting enough use to charge the battery. Have you tried a multimeter to make sure your getting 12v when not in use and 14+ when the car is running?
  15. si8pny

    EK / DC2 steering racks

    Contact R-Motion they will have a DC2 Rack in stock. Being in Usk in South Wales not too far if you wanted to collect or they can ship to you.
  16. si8pny

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    I would imagine it doesn't have seam sealer applied its possibly for drainage. I would love a local unit to me but they are just so much money!
  17. si8pny

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Nice updates. The seam sealer has probably been stained by the under body protection that was applied to it. Would love to have the space to do that to mine. Single garage makes it hard work!
  18. si8pny

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    looks good with the side strips removed