1. Kieran Bailey

    EK9 RX Not Sparking

    Thought I'd post on here to see if theres any old school users with some big brains? My EK9 isn't sparking. Previously the rotor arm bolt came out and went through the ignition control module. Since then, I have replaced the control module, the coil, the rotor arm and the Dizzy cap. Also...
  2. Cryptoz

    Knock/Jerk when upshifting

    Hello everyone, new here and recently picked up an EK9 with a B18C not too long ago. Upon upshifting from 1st - 3rd gear there's always a huge knock/jerk when letting the clutch up quickly after an upshift. This can be alleviated with just normal shifting through gears, but when doing quick...
  3. Araya_Ej6

    Looking For b18c4 engine

    Any one got a b18c4 bottom with crank and pistons? Or a whole engine that has been taken apart? Thanks.
  4. J


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  5. C

    D14Z2 Swap to D16Z6

    Hi Guys, I am looking to swap my engine, I have a pre facelift Honda civic Ej9 and would like to know what I will need, i'll have the engine, gearbox, and driveshafts, but other than that I have nothing, can anyone give me a list of what I will need and some prices if possible, I want to keep...
  6. Ek3honda

    Engine bay detailing

    Hi guys, New to the forum, been watching different builds on this but decided to join today. I have an ek3 civic in white and I was just wondering if anyone may know a paint code for the colour in this picture (the blue/green colour in engine bay) I plan to do something like photo to mine ...
  7. Tegs turds

    K24 injectors in b18c?

    So I've recently put some k20a/k24 injectors in my b18c with type r fuel rail. My teg now seems to idle at just over 1.5k revs, if I hit the accelerator the revs climb like they should then drop back down to about 700-800 revs but then climb back up to 1.5k after that and stay there. Car also...
  8. Tegs turds

    Bigger block for b18c?

    I'm thinking about either putting a bigger block on my b18c head or boring out the b18c block and putting bigger pistons in. Which is the better option and why, and what larger block could I put on my b18c? Cheers
  9. Tegs turds

    Valve guides or rings?

    So I've noticed my b18c has been blowing out a bit of blue smoke (burning oil) did a pressure test on the cylinders and they came back all just over 200psi within 10psi of each other. Still unsure if it's the rings or guides though, is there much point in getting a leak down test done? Opnions...
  10. Tegs turds

    B18c white smoke

    Hey there was wondering if anyone could help me as to why my b18c blows out white smoke on cross over to vtec. Has a new spoon ecu but isn't tuned, a few of my mates have said that'll be the cause for the smoke but want a few more opinions as to what it could be. Cheers
  11. Emilio Vasquez

    Engine Knocking/Help! B16B engine.

    Hi. I have a B16B engine in my 2000 Honda Civic si. I bought it from a guy near my area 3 months ago due to a guy hitting my Mitsubushi Lancer. Recently, I almost ran out of oil the other day and notices my engine is making some kind of noise from the head. Apparently it's called "Engine...