1. Old Sunlight hatch

    Old Sunlight hatch

  2. Travaglino

    Spoon Calipers

    I'm looking for spoon calipers for my Facelift Ek9 Thank you all!
  3. R555 DUN

    EK9 Face Lift Front Bumper

    Looking for a EK9 Face lift Front Bumper, Colour is not important, but would prefer VSM If it has cutouts for the fog lamps that would be even better! preferably a non damaged or slightly scratched/damaged bumper, Thanks. :nice:
  4. coreyxpartridge

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    Today I picked up my first VTI. I've been looking for nearly a year for the right one and this popped up 20 minutes from my house. I'm super, super happy. It's a facelift, EK4 VTI in Super Sonic Blue. I bought the car with some modifications such as Tein coilovers, spoon replica full exhaust...