1. Evandranzo

    Looking to buy an ek9

    I love Honda's, I have an 05 Accord, things a tank. I'm interested in the more fuel efficient, more fun, ek9. I wanna spend no more than 4k I live in Pennsylvania. I'd trade the Accord toward a ek9 160k miles, damaged quarter panel, left doors are a little damaged, damaged front bumper. 30%...
  2. Old Sunlight hatch

    Old Sunlight hatch

  3. Stuarty27

    Ek9 steering wheel help

    Hi all, new to the forum as I was on the Jordan one before but that has since closed down. Basically I've got an EK9 SRS momo steering wheel which I wanted to fit to my civic Jordan, normally not a big deal, however, this wheel has the hub missing and the ek4/Jordan steering wheel hub can't be...