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  1. NomTimes3

    Hi! I’m new here

    Been lurking for awhile because I built a EK9 back in the day that got stolen. The black one in the pictures below. I was heart broken for a long time. I now own a championship white JDM EK9 so I figured it was time to step out of the shadows. More to come soon!
  2. K

    Rough StartUp

    Hi guys, New and young ej9 owner. Got the car about a week or so ago and been okay mechanically only issue on purchase being a check engine light but that was said to be a "faulty o2 sensor due to it having a modded exhaust". Only recently has it sounded as if something is grinding. Any ideas as...
  3. H

    Information on and help on finding an EK9

    Hello! so I am brand new to this forum and was looking for some information on an EK9. I would really like to buy one but dont know where to look for one or weather it would be best to import a proper jdm one and when I do eventually find one what to look out for. Any help would be much...
  4. D

    New here.

    Hi, previously had a EK3 with a B18C4 conversion and loved it, I finally bought myself a championship white 9 yesterday and I'm over the moon with it! Needs a little bit of tlc but it's solid, sweet b16b, still in kilometres but it's roughly 95k, completely standard to look at just has a...
  5. Sparrowhawk

    EK9 Racing in MSVT Trophy this season (2017)

    Hi all, I'm not much of a poster of the forum, but thought some people might be interested in my racing this year. I've entered the 2017 MSVT Trophy in my EK9 race car, and thought it might be worth sharing some of the experiences with you guys. I also thought it would be nice to jot down my...
  6. Sparrowhawk

    New user - EK9 race car

    Hi, I've not posted on the forum before so wanted to say hello. I currently have an EK9 race car. I'm a fan of Japanese cars with past motors including a WRX, Evo MR320 and a Miata race car, and my first ever car was a rare Subaru XT coupe. So the EK9 has always been on my list of cars to...
  7. Stuboy888

    New Edinburgh EK9

    Hello chaps, Wanted to introduce myself. Bought my EK9 from R-Motion a few weeks ago after a great deal of hunting! This is my second Civic but first EK9, my daily/missus motor is a lovely 98 EJ9 in Comet Blue. Timing is bad with winter around the corner so my new purchase will be largely...
  8. Jake Renton

    New Ek9 Owner - Scottish Borders

    Hello, My name is Jake, I have owned my Ek9 for just over a month and I'm in love! Its my first Type R and I can't over how good it is! (and not gonna lie, I love all the attention it gets) Being new to this scene I have a couple questions I hope you guys could help me with? Okay so firstly I...
  9. GavinEJ9

    Hello all

    Hi guys newbie hear. My name is Gavin I live in the UK. Recently bought a EJ9 1.4i have lots of plans for the girl. Looking forward to getting stuck in with you lot. Going to be trawling the threads, to try and answere a few questions rather than commiting a sin by just post a new thread...