1. Ek9888fb


    Hey guys just bought myself a ek9 and wanting to buy oem rims. Found these on Facebook marketplace. The seller said they’re oem but any chance you guys can help me out to see how to spot if these are oem or not Thanks guys Appreciate the help
  2. JDMjunkies.ch

    EK9 OEM HOP Window visor fasteners (plastic rivets)

    I have the original Honda Window visors for my EK9, which i bought many years ago. Unfortunately the dealerhip who installed them back then, messed things up a bit. It was not bad, but i want to fix it now. The main issue is, that they messed up the original fastener plastic rived things. They...
  3. ek9_jamie

    Stock EK9 Air Intake

    Hi All, I’m trying to get my hands on a good condition EK9 air intake. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks
  4. ek9_jamie

    Where to go for a good Championship White match?

    Hi all. I’m looking to refurb and repaint my wheels and have the centre caps refreshed with the red H logo. Can anyone recommend a company to use? I want to make sure the quality is as good as possible, preferably a tried and tested company! Thanks all.
  5. Ej9 mad

    Has any1 tried Hub Caps as a cheap alternative to rims? see pic attached

    Was looking at getting some nice wheels such as SW388 but so expensive Then i saw hub caps/ wheel trims for under £50 on amazon/ebay and they dont look too bad Would they just simply clip-on to my wheels once i take the old ones off? I have attached pics of my car (ej9 1.4i) and example hub...
  6. S

    WTB: OEM EK 99-00 Grille

    looking for a oem EK9 or SiR grille. Needs to be intact no broken taps or something like that. Paint-wise it doesn’t really matter because it’s gonna get a respray anyway.
  7. TheBooosh...!

    Back in a Honda

    Alright Guys, Ever since selling the Ek9 I wanted to be back in a Honda so after selling my S3 I have decided to go back to my roots for the new daily. I had one back 9 years ago when I was a wee 20 year old. I still have the Evo which I hardly use but cannot justify selling it as I know it is...
  8. Jake Renton

    Ek9 Rear Spoiler

    Hello, So I'm looking at buying a genuine Ek9 wing & baseplate, the price is at £250 or best offer? Is this a reasonable price for one? My Ek9 came into the country with an ugly wing with a brake light on it and I really want to go OEM. Is anyone selling one on here? Any help would be much...
  9. Miguel16

    Ek9 Pre-facelift ABS Ecu/module

    Hi, I'm looking for an ABS ECU from Civic EK9, pre-facelift(96-99) Best Regards, Miguel Gomes
  10. R555 DUN

    JDM EK9 Wind deflectors.

    As titled, on the hunt for a pair of OEM JDM EK9 3 door wind deflectors, preferably in good condition. No deep scratches, fading, warped or damaged items. Would also need to have compatible mounting kit etc. Please no aftermarket parts, Team Heko etc. looking for the OEM pair! PM or post on...
  11. Vtex

    prefacelift ek wings

    Looking mint passengers and drivers wings for a pre facelift ek4, colour does not matter but condition must be very tidy.
  12. pr0gre551ve

    WTB: "EK9" HOP wing baseplate

    Looking for a genuine Honda wing baseplate from EK9, Seeker baseplate will be welcomed too. Please no bad replicas of fakes. Just popped me a PM or carving.jdm@gmail.com