1. Michael Flare

    Newly swapped EK9 cluster reads RPM with delay

    Hi guys! I have a 1996 Honda Civic CX hatchback. I’ve had the original Civic CX cluster (no tachometer) since day 1 and also the upgraded Civic LX/EX cluster (with tachometer) since 2009, and they both have always worked flawlessly. I just swapped out the cluster with a genuine EK9 cluster with...
  2. D

    Accord type r springs on ek

    Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to use accord type r springs on a ek? I'm thinking of doing an F23 swap but I really don't know what to use for suspension. I was thinking of dc2 springs with bilstein b6 but feedback on itr forum is that h22 dc2 with stock springs handle like crap. So now...
  3. C

    D14Z2 Swap to D16Z6

    Hi Guys, I am looking to swap my engine, I have a pre facelift Honda civic Ej9 and would like to know what I will need, i'll have the engine, gearbox, and driveshafts, but other than that I have nothing, can anyone give me a list of what I will need and some prices if possible, I want to keep...
  4. hek4

    B18C6 into EK4

    Hi! I have a Civic EK4 from 1998, it runs a B16a2 and a p2t ecu (OBD2a). I want to replace my engine with a B18C6. I know I need a JDM p73 ecu. I have some questions because I am not sure that everything will fit fine: 1) Can I use the b16 loom? I know the IAT temperature sensor wont fit...
  5. L

    Tell me about the EK9/EJ9 Civics

    First off, I am a complete Honda noob, so please forgive my ignorance. I currently drive an E38 1999 BMW 740i and I am looking for something more tune-friendly. Specifically a 6th gen Civic hatchback. Question #1: EK9 Civic's are only Type-R and only in Japan, correct? And here in the United...