1. R555 DUN

    Aftermarket Wing

    Looking to change the boring spoiler on the back of the EJ9. Preferably looking for a Seekers or Spoon, Genuine parts. Please no knock offs or replicas. not bothered at all about the colour, but would prefer vsm, if its a spoon, would like a good condition item, no wear or tear. As usual PM...
  2. R555 DUN

    EK9 Rear Lip.

    As titled, looking for a GENUINE EK9 Rear lip, In Vogue Silver Metallic, with fitting kit... preferably new/good condition! PM me. Thanks.
  3. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    Hi all! Bought my VSM a few years back, sadly she has been sitting for a while, been neglected and ignored as i have little time after work to tinker with the car and as i never got round to getting my license... yet! The car its self, i am the 2nd owner of the car and it is sitting just shy...
  4. R555 DUN

    New member from Scotland!

    Hi all! new member from up in Aberdeen, thought I'd (re)introduce myself, previously had an account on here but i forgot the password and never really got into using that account (lol) Currently running a Facelift VSM EJ9 With few modifications but i'll post the car when it's on the road and...
  5. LukeVSM9

    Lukes 97 VSM EK9 Restoration

    Well! I'm newbie to this site but I thought my current build might be worth sharing. I am a pure Honda head since I can remember and I've always that a thing for the EK! Up until now I've owned a few EK hatches, but this time it's the one! I've recently purchased a 97 VSM EK9 here in Ireland...