1. ek9_jamie

    Where to go for a good Championship White match?

    Hi all. I’m looking to refurb and repaint my wheels and have the centre caps refreshed with the red H logo. Can anyone recommend a company to use? I want to make sure the quality is as good as possible, preferably a tried and tested company! Thanks all.
  2. Ek_st4n

    Fitment advice

    Hi guys, looking at getting some new wheels for my EK, currently looking at some 2 piece enkeis that look to be 15x6.5 with et32? I've attached some photos if someone can tell me if I'm right or not and wether these would fit? Everything else is currently stock but I will be upgrading the...
  3. Ej9 mad

    Has any1 tried Hub Caps as a cheap alternative to rims? see pic attached

    Was looking at getting some nice wheels such as SW388 but so expensive Then i saw hub caps/ wheel trims for under £50 on amazon/ebay and they dont look too bad Would they just simply clip-on to my wheels once i take the old ones off? I have attached pics of my car (ej9 1.4i) and example hub...
  4. Kristian_EJ9

    Ultralite Wheels

    Does anyone know anything about the Brand Ultralite. I have been doing a bit of searching on the web but found very little info. I am looking to by a set of the enkei rpf1 replicas ...
  5. milano_vtec

    Anyone know what type of wheels are these?

    Hey Guys im been trying to figure out what type of wheels these are the look like the itr 4x114 wheels but the spokes are a bit wider. Attatched are a comparasin of the wheels. Left is the wheel im asking about on the and on the right is the ITR 4x114. Thanks in advance..
  6. King Sir

    Who would make up stickers/Decals for me? Decals

    Want some decals/stickers made up an cant find anyone. Found one fella an hes too lazy to make em see he wont get back to a load a ppl either so hes just lazy Lol. Anyone want the challenge? Faily easy ones that i want made up :) Iv emailed sticker companies an didnt even get a reply.... Ffs