2001 Audi A4 Avant 2.5 V6 TDI Quattro


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Mar 5, 2009
Make: Audi
Model: A4 Avant Quattro
Colour: Atlas Grey
Year: 2001 (51)
Engine size: 2.5 V6
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Mileage: 147k
MOT: December 2015
Price: £3250ovno - £2500 bring your own wheels
Reputation: http://www.ek9.org/forum/reputation-center/32340-e2-saw.html
Location: Falkirk, Central Scotland
Contact number/Email: PM me

Up for sale/PX is my A4 B6 Avant 2.5 V6 TDI Quattro. I absolutely love this car, but it is an absolute waste of a car for me.

It did live in York (i am based there for work) and would do a maximum of 40 miles a week, for the weeks when i am down there. I only work 3/4 days a week and usually home the other 3/4, so does not merit being an ideal driver for me down there and would be more beneficial for somebody doing a decent sized commute daily. I let my Dad borrow the car for a couple of weeks before taking it down to York while he was without a car. He works in Portobello where i used to be based. On his 70 mile journey per day he was achieving approx 45mpg, which for a quattro v6 diesel on 19's is pretty impressive to say the least.

I drove it down there no problem a few months ago and it lived there for a while, and drove it back up to Falkirk from York on 8th May. The R32 is now down there while i figure out what i'm doing.

I got this car in P/X with bobby for the Mk2 Golf i impulse bought and upgraded to this with my bonus pay from work. The cars awesome. It drives great, mega comfy, full leather, full electric kit, 6 disc changer, excellent sound system.

Has loads of service history in the book to about 130k from memory. The belts have been done twice, but only been documented once. The belts were last done by the owner before bobby, who i'm told is Jerry Longden from Deadline Paint & Body. He would more than happily confirm the belts being done last summer.

There is general wear and tear to the interior with some markings on the plastics and some worn down buttons/symbols/switches.
The exterior is generally good for a 14 year old Audi, but typically surface rust is starting to appear on the rear arches and the front wings. Mainly cosmetic bubbles starting to appear but certainly not rot. Small dent on one of the passenger side doors. The under tray is currently misaligned and catches on speed bumps very easily, but i will have this realigned.

The car has had the middle exhaust silencers removed and straight stainless sections installed. The car still sounds very close to factory when driven sensible but give it a rev and a hard drive and it sounds excellent. The car boosts as it should, clutch bite is also spot on with no slipping.

The car benefits from a set of budget coil overs and some genuine 19" Bentley alloys with the correct Bentley centre caps fitted. There are some minor kerb marks to the wheels and scratches. The wheels themselves still fetch £1000 on their own. Tyres are all budgets but all with plenty tread on them.

The cars no show winner, but is certainly a head turner. I had big plans for this up until a couple of weeks ago. I was aiming to have the car wrapped in the Porsche mint green with an S4 kit fitted and the wheels freshly refurbished, with some shiny exhaust tailpipes, stainless system and a remap. With the Corrado failing over in Belgium and costing a fortune to return to the country, the money for that is no longer available, and a reality check of 'do i really need a big diesel estate for travelling less than 100 miles a month' question was asked. As cool and as great as the car is, it rely isn't required. Things might change, if the Corrado sells up quicker than expected and the Impreza finds a new home soon i might go through with the wrap and S4 kit as it'd look pretty wild.

P/X is an option. I'd like to try and downgrade to a car valued at approx £1000, petrol & sporty preferred (172, 182, E36, WHY). The extra money would be spent on the R32 and finishing off my back garden - the joys. The R32 is currently down in York and will come back home once/if this sells. While its down there it saves me spending money on it as well.

£3250 as it sits, or £2500 bring your own wheels. I wouldn't mind keeping hold of the wheels and getting them onto the R32.

Cars located in Falkirk, Central Scotland.

Contact me on zero741163427zero


















Couple pictures of the bad bits on the body the bits which has some paint flake I have touched up with the correct colour of the car to prevent from rusting/corroding.

Wicked cars Steve, as you know I had one and I used to average the same mpg and it was remapped to 210bhp. Sound great for a diesel too, have a nice growl under load. Glwts bud! Arron
Thanks Arron mate. It really is an amazing motor, I wish I could justify having a big diesel. It doesn't do the mileage it is designed for, otherwise there's be no way it'd be up for sale. It doesn't sound like a diesel at all when giving it some beans as well, it's great.

Need to reduce the size of the fleet as well. This, Impreza RB5 and the track car (being broken) all making way, however do need to replace this to have a car in York for going to work and back.
Would this not be the ideal car for commuting to York and back though? That must be some distance? I used to just do a 26 mile round trip commute in mine and the least it used to average was 38
I travel to York and back from Scotland by train Arron, my train travel to and from work is free because it's the railway im working with. The car stays in York (well did stay in York) in my work car park when I was home in Scotland. If I was going up and down by car I would most definitely be keeping it for that journey, that's what it's designed for 100%.

Yumen im going to try and sell the car as a whole first with the wheels on it, but could be tempted. In away until 6th June apart from a very short time home at the weekend. What are the Mk1 RS wheels, the original 8/10 spoke RS4 wheels? Are they the right fitment? Cheers
Thanks Hanford.

Cars still here!! Im getting tempted to put the bentleys on my Mk4 R32 when i get the coil overs on. Somebody buy the car before i do something silly lol.

I'm at home with the car for the next 7 days, have a few things on during the week and 100% not available on Friday due to attending a funeral.
Just on with selling my mint Jordan at the moment I'll take this off you in a heartbeat pal, would like proof of belts been done and it ever had a clutch ?, these engines are quite common for injector pump failure ever been done do you know, hopefully Jordan will be gone this week, unless you fancy px £50 my way it's up for £3300
I don't have receipts of proof for the latest belt change but if you got in contact with Jerry Longden at Deadline Paint & Body, he had the belts etc carried ou, he'd be more than happy to confirm.

Nothing stated about clutch work, nor anything about injector pumps, but with the cars mileage and the way it drives I'm of the opinions is had the work either done at some point or it's been maintained to such a level for it not to fail. It drives excellent.

Not sure if I'd be keen on a Jordan at this moment in time but I'll have a look if it's advertised, or even send me the info over in a PM.
Also, I'll be moving this back from Falkirk to York on Sunday and it'll probably be staying down there until it sells. I'm not fussed for it selling but im looking to get some paintwork sorted on my R32 and a nice set of wheels for it over the next few weeks.