Advice on rear trailing arm bushes!!


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Jun 7, 2017
I know its probably been asked before but I was just wondering what trailing arm bushes people recommend? Planning on doing mine over the winter so just trying to get an insight on what people recommend and why? Also best places to purchase a set?

OEM or hardrace hardened rubber
Some say avoid poly as it makes the rear end skittish.
OEM, anything stiffer will affect handling. The rear suspension is designed to toe-in under braking which stabilizes the rear end of the car. Stiff RTA bushes don't allow this to happen.
In my last DC2 I put OEM Honda bushes in and my father had Energy ones in his DC2 at the time, Difference was night and through the Jim Clark Esses at Croft (c.115mph) chicane. I was going through about 10mph faster in my car with the stability vs. his car, He didn't have much confidence in it. So I'd recommend an OEM style bush (OEM or maybe Hardrace hardened as mentioned) unless you've got a serious racecar you could go for something spherical.
as above, standard bushes for me.
I had poly bushes in the Crx, rear end was planted at all times...... just to throw a cat amongst the pigeons:))
if the car is for daily driving id probably just stick with oem RTA. my car is completely done with Hardrace bushes and its pretty brutal over the bumps.
should they be installed as normal on a lowered car? im sure i read that people turn them slightly so they're not under more tension on a lowered car