AEM V2 Long Cold Air Intake B series


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Apr 13, 2012
EM1 Coupe
Not posted a for sale on here in agessss! If anyone will see this. Listing it up here before sticking it on faceballs. Helping a mate sell while he's away and got it stuck in my garage. Think he ran it for maybe 5000miles.

Item: AEM V2 cold air intake for B series B16 B18 B20
Price: £200
Condition: 7/10
Desc: Noted as 1 of the best intakes for B series engines, draws cold air from down low behind the bumper, makes quite the noise! Run this intake on my own car. In good working condition, just simply not needed and taking space, few dents on the sides from hitting chassis. Rare to see these for sale now, can't recall the last 1 we saw

Listing up on ebay and fb shortly. Thanks in advance.


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