Alarm problems...Toad Ai606


JDM or Nothing.
Jan 3, 2010
Well I had the alarm fitted when I got the car and now for some reason i'm having a few troubles. I'd take it back to the place that fitted it but I don't want to drive 3 hours each way!

Anyway here's the problem.

I unlocked the car fine this morning then drove to my workplace and went to lock the car and some reason only the passenger side was locking / unlocking and not the drivers. The motor sounded completely dead in the drivers which I thought was weird as I had a problem with that before.

Soo anyway, I took the whole driver side door card off tried switching the motor and nothing and then the car alarm started going off so I plugged it all back in with the old motor and now the passenger side wont unlock either and I'm really confused. I don't think the alarm is arming at all now though, I have tried both key fobs and still nothing.

Anyone have any idea?
sounds like u could have bad earths buddy. especially if having moved parts the other side stops too. check ALL your earths, especially main alarm brain to chassis
is there not a decent ICE place near you? wouldn't take a lot for them to diagnose, loads of Toad registered installers in UK, ai606are very reliable alarms