B16b stroking...


Apr 19, 2014
Hi all I know there is a fair few posts a out similar discussions however just thought I may be able to get some support or advice on my current "plan".

I'm Co consider getting the crank and rods from a b18c, keeping the ek9 pistons for the higher compression, however I belive this wouldn't leave me with much choice in regards to cams, But I have found some discussions which say skunk Pro 2 cams would still give me the clearance I need while making the most benefit from the high comp from keeping the ek9 pistons.

I'm no master when it comes to engine building so any tips or advice would be much appreciated (also if there is something I may not have considered). I need help putting together a confirmed list of what exactly I need for the job and also any recommendations on parts, I hear the skunk2 cams are the boyos.

Il be finding some where to do the work also so any one who can be trusted on engine work on a b16b in the north east would be ideal.

Cheers guys and sorry for starting a similar but more personal post about going b16b to high comp b18c spec :p
I'm pretty sure it's doable with the cams aligned to skunk2s specs. You'd need to pay close attention to it during the build process though.
I'm assuming forged pistons are out of the question? They'll give you all the clearance you need for even the most wild of cams.
Which forged pistons would you suggest, I'd ideally if possible try and get away with stock ek9 pistons for abit as will be costly even without, ain't had much look finding forged b16b pistons atm as well :/
Was a racer on here (forgot his username) I'm sure he had b16b pistons in his b18c with toda spec c cams and obviously had no issues.