b18c4 having trouble starting when warm


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May 5, 2011
Hey everyone

Need some help please

I bought a b18c4 eg the other day. The car starts first turn of the key when cold but when its warm it takes a few turns of the key to get it fired up.Once started it runs like a dream, doesnt stall and pulls really well.

Can anyone help me diagnose what the problem is please?

I have read on the net, when a car usually doesnt start when warm its usually down to a fuel issue.

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated please.

I would start with the basics first buddy as its possible you may have a clogged up fuel filter so try changing that and see how it goes.

or try another main relay that controls the fuel pump..(if you cant hear the fuel pump prime)
Cheers for the suggestions aroon. A chap on itr-dc2 suggested it could be that relay also. That will be first port of call.
Car will be having a full service this weekend so fuel filter will be replaced then.
As suggested definitely change the filter and take a look at your injectors