Blue EJ9 to Milano Red EK9 REP. Rolling BSWAP project.

I just find it a pointless task when it's raining as it just gets filthy again straight away. Can't polish it in the rain either :D

Yeah 100% like I resprayed my wiper arms today as the paint was peeling and looking tatty. Only problem was I've forgotten how awesome it look with no wipers.


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I'd probably get something on the arches now you've cleaned them -looks like you've removed all the underseal!
I clear wax oiled it. Because I forgot to buy underseal. And my car parts shop is closed over the bank holiday. But I will get some once it's reorder ;)
Love this colour, quite hard to find Milano Red nowadays as most are faded. :(
Soooo little update. I've had a few boring but very important bits done to mine lately like bushes and ball joints (balls joints very important), spark plugs, dizzy cap and arm, new fuel filter and I new decat which has made it go Much better ;)
I was very kindly given a rocker cover so I've been spraying it in red crinkle paint.
I've bought a whale intake from tegwia which looks really good and I can't wait to fit :D
Also sprayed my front grill mesh because it was looking really tatty.
I will post up a photo of everything fitted :)
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Nice just thinkin it must handle very well on the big tyres :dance:
Nice just thinkin it must handle very well on the big tyres :dance:

Thank you. Yeah it handles a lot better. Also because I was made to higher the car to make the tyres fit that also made it handle better. It's made it a lot more enjoyable to drive :D