Civic EK for sale - B18C4 - £1500 Priced to sell.


Apr 30, 2010
Selling this as its sitting there not doing much on my drive. Someone might as well have some use from it.

Its a great car, but not a showroom example.

My B18c4 EK for sale,
85K B18C4 Engine
Wrinkle Red rocker
NGK Performance HT Leads & new plugs
4-1 Exhaust Manifold
LSD Gearbox
Integra Type-R Hubs and brakes, Inc 1" Brake master cylinder
Pagid Discs and pads all round with good life left.
Fully reconditioned Enkie lightweight wheels , Toyo tyres (Front are new)
Shocks and springs, approx 35mm lower.
Skunk2 Rear Control arms
AEM UEGO Wideband
Prelude seats
Chipped and remapped P28 ECU.

10 Month MOT
No Tax

Bad bits,

Bodywork needs a tidy up. It has 2 x dented front wings, various small scratches and a deep scratch/dent on the passenger side.

Some surface rust is starting to show on the drivers rear arch.

Gearbox has a noisy input shaft bearing - I'm NOT including a EK9 (S4C) gearbox with the sale of the car at this price. Although I have a feeling its only the clutch release bearing at fault anyways. (Noise goes away when clutch pedal pressed)

Car was originally a 1.5 Automatic and has been fully converted to a B18C4 Manual.

Still registered as a 1.5. New owner would have to change this as I never got round to it.

Location - SW Scotland.

Price - £1500. No offers. (Priced @ £1950 elsewhere)

More pictures here - Honda Civic EK - B18C4 - Priced for quick sale! in Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway | Used Honda for sale |

Forgot to mention, It has a custom made exhaust. Spoon style back box and sounds really nice. (Not loud, Just a perfect noise)
Where abouts in Scotland are you based? Also any more pictures of the car? Matt