Civic jordan #276


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Oct 2, 2013
98 jdm dc2, 85 ae86, 89 prelude
Story time.... Over 10 years ago now i owned a peugeot 106 that was in constant need of repair, its like it knew when payday was and always broke the week before and i just needed something i could trust to get me from a to b but would also be a strong upgrade in every aspect. So after a lot of thought and research (and a bit of influence from some friends) i decided i needed a civic jordan in my life, the only issue was that there were absolutely none for sale! But there was a very tidy em1 vti only an hour away which was well specced and reasonable mileage for its age so i got it instead. Cut forward 10+ years and a bunch of friends have/do own one and ive always had a huge soft spot for one. I had no intention of having more than one car again but the lightbulb moment came the other night when a link got sent into the group chat for this and i had to have it. So after a 120 mile round trip, a mconalds, a celeb encounter in a petrol station and the most paranoid drive home ever i now own civic jordan number 276.


Shes rough and nowhere near ready but we will get there. Off the bat we know it needs welding and paint, after the drive home we know it has an ignition issue and the exhaust snapped after one too many sends so requires a cheeky exhaust repair. To do list coming up next!
First free night and im in the garage making a start on the jordan. First port if call is the running issues. On the way home the car was very jerky and stuttering under load, the eml light was also on so after talking to some pals we did the pin trick to get a diagnosis which determined it was an "air temp sensor". Checked under the bonnet and the sensor at the intake wasnt even plugged in! Plugged it back in, disconnected the battery to reset, started the car and the light was out but the running issue remains. Next up i dug out some new ngk spark plugs and the oem ht leads from the dc2 and we chucked them on.


Bobs your uncle the car runs and drives smooth as butter. Great success! I also had to tighten the alternator belt as it was squealing on startup.
Next up the car came with full interior but it wasnt fitted properly so the full rear was pulled out to check the inner arches and the full inside of the arch is caked in stick on sound proofing.

Instantly pulled it all off which was easy enough as the majority had lost its stick due to how wet it was from water getting in. Didnt want it holding moisture so it had to go.

The arches have been welded already but the inners have just been patched up so they will need cut and welded properly before i go further with them.


Bar that luckily rust is very minimal. After a good poke around we got the rear interior all fitted properly to prepare for the car getting motd.
everything fixed in as it should be, nothing loose and rattling either, lovely.

After that we pulled all the clutter out the car and also put new push fasteners on the back bumper to stop it rattling.

Need to make up a proper list of stuff to do before its mot then i can make a full project list and figure out what needs bought and go from there.
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Nice little project , always nice to bring back a Jordan to former glory
Thats it man, ill get the outer and inner arches welded then get inside them sealed up. Hopefuly go for paint end of the year.
Had a spare minute at work so rattled together a new boot floor, ill make a point of doing a better job with some slightly thicker ply in the future but this was just so the boot was useable again.

Also on the way home from buying the car it got very loud, turns out the genuine spoon n1 has been bodged before so is sleeved and clamped instead of a bolted flange so its getting welded on thursday until i have funds for a custom exhaust or even an off the shelf replacement
Nice job, you have your work cut out but that's half the fun. Always liked the Jordans, nice link to F1.
Nice job, you have your work cut out but that's half the fun. Always liked the Jordans, nice link to F1.
Oh too right! Got a small list of parts to buy just to get it a complete car and mot worthy then its big service and timing belt. Once thats done ill be looking into new arches for it but that wont be until nearer the end of the year
Nice to see another Jordan being saved and even better that your posting it all on here.

I look forward to seeing this complete
Nice to see another Jordan being saved and even better that your posting it all on here.

I look forward to seeing this complete
I love a good thread, they have to be saved though. Too many of them get broken for spares even now
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Small update. Still waiting on a parts order so just cleaning up, and first on the hit list was the god awful spoiler raisers, free mods i guess but it has to go. Pulled the spoiler off, cleaned the threads and the tailgate then fitted it properly, much better! Next up was the glass, the rest of the car can be a state but properly clean windows can make a car look 10x better. So all the windows inside and out get soaked in unico glass and chrome cleaner. This stuff is head and shoulders above any glass cleaner ive used and its 3 quid a bottle! While they are soaking i go over the surface with a sharp blade to scrape off any baked on glue, tree sap and bird sh*t. Then dry and buff with blue roll.

Next up i got new nuts for the dc2 strut brace so i finally had a set to get the ek4 one into the jordan.

The bay upsets me in so many ways but the full car will get a major decontamination soon. I also mansged to swap my genuine tenzo r for a reasonably tidy wrinkle black rocker cover from @KDxCivic . Ill get that fitted soon.

After cleaning the glass though the temptation for some stickers was too much as i had a hiro racing banner sitting there doing nothing. So on it went along with a sample sticker from my mates page @shibui_nights

productivity took a dive at this point and i tried one of my te37s on the car. Bad idea, now i wana get another pair so i can run a full set on the car.

If anyone is interested this pair of te37s are for sale, specs are 15x6.5 +45, looking for 500 quid ono posted within the uk.

Also, the other day i managed to get my neighbour to quickly weld the exhaust back together temporarily to get it through its eventual mot.
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I mean it hardly justifies breaking good cars, that just makes the problem worse
While I completely agree, thats the way the capitalist world works unfortunately. Cars are worth more in parts now too
While I completely agree, thats the way the capitalist world works unfortunately. Cars are worth more in parts now too
Its a shame, ironic that the breaker usually puts "getting rare now" in the post while litterally making it more rare
Couple wee bits done on the jordan tonight in prep for its mot.
Firstly a battery stay and bonnet prop as they were missing. 30 quid ill never get back but hey ho. I also pulled the stickers off the battery to tidy it up a bit.

I then pulled the plug on the srs light as the car has an ep3 wheel, unsure what i want to fit in the future but it will do for now.


Decided to give the plug cover a quick rub down and a skoosh of paint in prep for the wrinkle black one arriving. Just one item on a big pile of things that need a lick of paint.


I also attacked the oil cap with iron fallout remover and a soft wire brush as it was rusty, came up okay but the chrome finish is done.

More updates coming soon.
Saturday nights in the garage with the lads are getting more and more regular these days. Tonight was a productive one too!

The engine bay was the main focus of the night for me, i wanted to throw on the new rocker cover, painted plug cover and fit the oem intake and breather stuff onto the car. First off i freshened up a couple of brackets for the airbox and ht leads.

Then it was the usual, old cover off, clean up surfaces, i cleaned and re used the old gasket as ill be doing the timing belt eventually so no sense in buying twice, de greaser and some rtv did the job, removed the old solenoid cap too as i dont want any purple on the car at all!

And just like that the engine bay is semi respectable again! Id really love a good quality exhaust manifold and polish the radiator just to elevate the look from being totally standard. Next up i recently removed the private reg from the car so got some plates made up by eastfield plates with the standard reg.

Next up i managed to get a dc2 gear knob quite cheap, i love the feel and weight plus the titanium is unbeatable for that race look. Since the dc2 doesnt run oem at the moment i stole the lock nut from the dc2 parts pile to get this one fitted for now, ill order a new nut in time for the teg.

Next on the agenda, the spoon n1 backbox on the car came with a genuine bolt in bung, but i had one issue, it was completely siezed in, we tried heat, we tried wd40, brute force and ignorance and nothing would move it. So i grabbed the old dewalt reciprocating saw (the cut through anything saw) and chopped it out. Job done, car is now unbelievably loud SUCCESS!
Lastly as the car was jacked up we took off the side skirts and had a poke about, the sale ad stated all welding had been done, that was a lie. The cill crunched as we jacked the car up and the screwdriver of truth left a gaping hole under the car so ill have no choice but to weigh up whats next for the car.

Do i get it all welded properly and continue the oem "resto" or do i abandon ship and enjoy it as a cheap fun track car? Either way its going to cost a couple quid. So ill need to sleep on it for now.
Well that was short lived. Deposit taken on it today, car goes away on saturday. Better luck with the next one
Wow you didnt have that long!

Who did it go to? Just out of interest