CW ek9 going south on A9 Scotland?


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Feb 8, 2013
Pre face lift ek9 carbon bonnet sticker on rear window and sonic the hedgehog sticker on rear bumper above exhaust? Past it today and think it was last Friday aswell any one know who it is?
I think I passed him today aswell I was heading north towards Inverness he's was on other side of road
Ye I passed you aswell nice looking dc2 mate. You were going through the road works at Pitlochry?
Yeh mate was me. Ek9 sounded nuts! I was in world of my own till I heard it rip past!
Sure is lol but it was wors than iv ever smelt. Are you about the Pitlochry area a lot mate?
Nah not really. My Mrs is in the army and on placement at fort gorge in Inverness so I went up for a weekend away wih her. So rare chance
Aye that was me heading to Fort gorge haha! Yeah burns a wee bit of oil.
I was in the white pick up that was towing a trailer the passenger stuck the finger up at me? Hahaha
Haha aye my mates a prick! We drove past a lorry and he had arse up at the window !