difference between 99 and 00 jdm b18c type r?

No. I don't think so. Both of those years fall into the same production model known as the 98 spec R rather than the 96 spec R.
ok because i talked to hmotors online a very popular jdm engine shop in the US and the guy there said only the 2000 spec with the 0/0 on the head has the ctr or ctr similar cams in it..
how rare is it to find the b18c r with 0/0 on the head ? he said there was no 0/1 head
The difference (if any) is so minimal as to make no meaningful difference to performance...

JDM ITRs were rated at 200ps/197bhp. I've never seen any higher quoted figures than that
The Intake camshafts has different part numbers. Exhaust camshafts are all the same.