Ek9 licence plate size....What to pick hmmm?


Apr 19, 2014
So look i am looking at getting some new plates and thinking of changing up the size (don't know off hand what iv got atm), But what you guys suggest ? any pictures or examples would be ideal.

I'm thinking small rectangle for the front and slightly wide and taller one for back to fill up the recess a bit more so don't look odd.

Cheers :nice:
I always thought the plate size was pretty much set in stone unless you can't physically fit it on an import (like the rear plate on an EK9) ?
Import size 12x6 plates and nothing else IMO.

All other plate sizes look gash on a '9. Keep them as they are I say.

Don't go getting UK 4x4 plates or anything, look terrible.
Technically you are allowed to have a jap sized plate at the back (UK size won't physically fit) and a standard UK plate at the front (cause it will). Loads of people run around with jap plates front/rear with no issues just be aware that if you have a jap plate at the front and do something silly and get stopped it's just one more thing they can use against you.
Second question, 3d gloss black resin plates, carbon fibre effect or plain standard flat ones?
12x6 front and rear. Guys in N. Ireland use metro font but that doesn't seem to fly anywhere else. as for 3d and carbon effect im not a fan but each to there own.
Again entirely up to yourself mate.

carbon font and 3d ones are also illegal and the latter rather blatantly so.

All depends how bullet proof you think you and your car is as they do attract often unwanted police attention lol.

Tbh id advise just go with the standard font, plates are plates at the end of the day, we all have to have them and they are never going to be pretty. IMO
I thought 3d lettering was legal. But I do agree just keep them clean and simple.
I already have import plates on it but there just a bit bigger then 12x6 I think there like 13x7 or around that and I have not had any trouble and considering I have a spoon n1 as well it's not like I'm the most inconspicuous haha, 3d resin ones are legal, some the fake carbon ones are not but there is plenty of sites stating that they are UK legal but even if they are I'm sure a tosser copper could cause some grief over them.
I think jap size with the bike font looks very subtle, clean and stands out. Touch wood ive not been stopped!