EK9 Racecar

If thats a 2.5" decat that I spy, give me a shout when its for sale buddy :)
If thats a 2.5" decat that I spy, give me a shout when its for sale buddy :)
It is, but I'm afraid I welded a v-band to it instead of the standard flange so I could mate it up to my 3" downpipe.
So kind of makes it useless now.
Will get a picture for you when it's off anyway.
Love the engine bay on this , sounds like everything's going to plan all around :)
Thanks man, it's certainly different
Thought I'd better post something up to let people know I haven't died!

Not a lot has been happening TBH, been busy with my new job and dribbling over porsches lol, and with the bad weather I haven't been keen to get out.

But tomorrow I'm going to see a man about an exhaust!




Even porsches have BG wings!
So I lashed together the 2.5" system on the car this morning and took a drive to a local exhaust place.
Got her up on the ramp and discussed making a 3" system.
They have agreed to take it on and make it over the Christmas break! And a good price too.
I'm just not getting the time ATM, and trying to make a system on axle stands in my garage is tricky!

While it was up on the ramp I noticed a small oil leak from the turbo return.
So need to fix that when I get her back.
All in good time sam , she be a summer weapon :drive:

New job looks like a real hit , old skool lads with lots of experience
Anyway glad your not dead :dance:and enjoy your Christmas road be dry before you know it :ek9:
I know, but I just want to drive her!
Yeh new job is going very well, loving it!
Thanks mate, you too!
Hope santa brings you car related goodies!
Got her back yesterday from Bells silencers in Swindon, they've done a top job for the money! 3" system made and she's around 90db. Nice rolled tip for the exit, thought I'd do something different lol

Took her into work today to look at my oil leak and to get some miles on the engine.
Found it was the sump gasket, and the spare bung on the sump wasn't sealing.


Nipped up the sump nuts and the bung, hopefully that's that.

Exit shot


All stainless steel, mig not Tig welded which kept the cost down. Good job though!

What do you guys think?
Next on the to do list over Christmas are to sort a few gauges out and washers not working.
Then in the new year, do an alignment then change the oil for the good stuff do some engine tests and then mapping time :beer:
@jesse888 can't wait bud!

Everyone have a happy Christmas and New year!


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Gtx powered ek9s are where its at tbf. Clearly a well grounded gentleman that knows engineering perfection when he sees it.... lol
He knows it! Might make a meme out of that photo