EK9 Racecar

Cars looking sweet man, glad you got the issues sorted easy enough. Need to get mine sorted so I can get out on track before the summers out too!
Thanks man means a lot :nice:
You're doing a re-shell aren't you? Get on it and join us at some track days if you can.
How could I forget this update!
Me and a friend of mine have gone 50/50 on a budget track car.
Plan is to make it as light as possible and just have fun!



Not a Honda but maybe a Honda engine one day.....
Totally forgot to update the thread after Brands last week!
In the morning I had to attempt to fix another manifold leak / blow :nerv: I had little time and tools so I had to do a quick fix that hopefully would last the evening session, it wasn't pretty but it managed to hold just!
The track time went well, it was my first time driving around Brands Hatch, what a circuit! Really enjoyed it.





I only ran 0.5bar and I timed one of my laps which was a 59.40, lots of room for improvement. Happy to break the 1:00 barrier on my first time there though.
I did about 60 laps in the 2 and a half hours.
More updates coming later this week on fixing the manifold problems.
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That looks wicked!! Love the aero on this.
That looks wicked!! Love the aero on this.
Thanks! I'm actually going to make the front splitter a bit smaller before snetterton in July, also fitting a rear diffuser that @jesse888 gave to me. And I'm also thinking of modifying the rear wing, I'm thinking of making the wing blade itself narrower, and lowering the brackets slightly. If you look at modern BTCC cars the wings are narrower than the width of the car and lower.
That's my aim lol I want a bit less downforce on the rear, plus I think it will look cool lol
From what I can see splitter is doing nothing in fact its actually creating lift!! Adding a diffuser will only make things worse.
I usually set my splitter up with either a spirit level or a flat piece of wood thats 3" thick. Rest the splitter on the wood to find the height and level, then tighten the bolts up.
From what I can see splitter is doing nothing in fact its actually creating lift!! Adding a diffuser will only make things worse.

If you're looking at the middle of it and seeing it rise I may have accidentally bent it up loading it on the trailer :confused:
It's not normally like that.
Update, I'm going to be using the car on the road for a bit so I've taken off the splitter and wing. But more road friendly now.


First piece of the puzzle which will fix my turbo problems.....

This is the Tial v banded .86 exhaust housing for the gtx2867r. Along with vband flanges and clamps, and new mvs flanges.
Bought from Owen Developments, took a drive there today in the ek9 as it's only 30miles away from me.
More updates coming soon
Picked up this B18c4 last week, I'm going to be using it as a jig.


Also it wasn't working out at my new job at the Porsche Specialist, really wasn't enjoying it.
So I'm back at home where I belong! Which will mean more regular updates, as I'll have more free time again.

Stay tuned!
It does look the part!

Get one for yours too?
See how it goes on mine first, we will have fun tuning it again :drive:

I have a larger housing so not wanting to spend loads again really. Will be interested to see how it performs with a decent manifold and housing on though.

I've now got most of the parts to make the new downpipe and manifold! Really looking forward to making it now.
I brought the car to work on Wednesday and managed to gain an extra 15mm of head to rad clearance by adjusting the radiator mounts.
I was planning to make a new ramhorn manifold from scratch but a very good proven manifold came up for sale and with some slight modifications it will fit my exhaust housing.

I have bought @robthedoc's ramhorn!

First thing I had to do was remove the T3 flange.

Whilst taking the flange off I'll be porting the manifold for a nice smooth flow of exhaust gases into the turbo, with the vband housing the transition from manifold turbo perfect.
Looking at the T3 one before I cut it the exhaust gases were getting a little bit disturbed by the flange itself.
It probably won't make lots of difference what I'm doing but why not make it perfect if I can?
Also bought some new Akuma Tig cups so will see how they go!