Headers DYNO Results !! On stock Integra Type R engine.

I dont think it really matters too much......the important bit is it is most likely running a standard 96 4-2-1 for the "stock" run (especially as there is such a gain going to the OEM 98 4-1....:)
Brilliant information this, cheers for sharing :) informative thread.

I'm amazed how much power it frees up, I currently have the 96 JDM header on my 98 ukdm, so will now be looking to upgrade that, now I can see the benefits :) Definatly need to find a TODA one now :D
I realize the benefits and advantage of TODA.Never aware about this until reaching this page.Great share of information and really helpful.
I would like a SMSP-Header

Are they expensief???

Where can I get a new one?

Is there any header that do NOT get rusted???
I want a header that bring up more hp and keep its shine!!!
Ok...getting thoughts in my head about headers. [did i just say that?]
Any-who, has anyone installed the SMSP-Header?
Any comments or input on SMSP-Header? I'm not too impressed
with their website, but I am sure that is not a reflection on their

Just not that sure about a brand I am not aware of, especially with
a header. Its either JUN and leave me broke, or SMSP and leave me
broke. hehe

This is a part on my b18 that needs some work for sure, not matched
up correctly currently and it would be nice to dyno tune this with the
proper header matched up.

Thank you much! :p
Mine with the spoon 4-1 header and stock b18cr engine get 185 hp on dyno
With ecu rechip (ecu taken from P08 vtec single cam & wiring harness).
mmmm, maybe, but this are not whp ;)

Do you mean Dyno Graph at page 1 only for crank hp (engine dyno) not on wheel hp? Its so low because what i know the crank hp for B18CR standard around 200hp.
Would love a TODA but cannot justify the new price.

Second hand ones don't come up too often so i might go for the Tegiwa replica which is coming out soon.

Anything is better than the crap UKDM version which I have at the moment!
What about the Vibrant?
Is any dyno results from the 4-2-1 Jspec?

I just ordered a Vibrant J-spec 4-2-1 (#2539) to my civic VTi.
I hope it will give some power.:)