High compression B18 + cam choice

Discussion in 'Engine' started by Steve M, Sep 6, 2018.

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    Yh I believe the fitment would be the same being a fellow B series. Another guy I spoke to is using supertech valvetrain with no issues so far.

    Yeah and the cost! I can't remember if there was a big price difference in staying 81 or going .5 extra. From what I've heard the skunk2 valvetrain is a pretty common choice, mainly of the Pro series they run. I've got sk2 retainers in mine with no issues, can't personally comment on the valves/springs. :)

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    I thought that would be the case, can't see the valvetrain figment being different among b18s. Tbh all the poor reviews I'd seen were from approx 2010 so any issues will be sorted now I'd imagine!
    I'd be going for at least 81.5mm, just to make sure the cylinder walls are perfect, cause I want to buy everything before pulling the car apart so don't want to change buying 81mm ones then needing to rebore!
    I've only seen good things about the skunk2 stuff too, may just go for that if it's the most cost effective option

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