How to tell if a steering rack has been converted to manual


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Jul 22, 2009
Bought a EK9 subframe with steering rack and the power steering lines coming out of the rack have been looped with a rubber hose

Im wanting power steering so is there a way to tell if the rack has been converted inside to a manual rack before i go ahead and fit it?

youll have to open it up i guess
youll have to open it up i guess

if thats my only option i think il just put it on the car and hope for the best, would anything bad happen by trying to run powersteering on a rack thats been converted to manual?
as murray say really. youll still have a manual rack, just a wet one lol
i can hear the fluid moving around when turning it by hand, surely that would mean theres a piston inside?
would assume so bud yes
tbf a manual rack done properly isnt that common so youd be unlucky if it was.
yeah true, more confident it hasnt been converted now so will chuck it on

As above it sounds like the piston was never removed so it was never converted properly to a manual rack.
Your rack should function ok with it all set back up