I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

Can't be bothered reading through the whole thread but from what I can see, best thing to do would be sell as it is. Will prob get between £3000-3500. Far easier than breaking the car considering the amount of time and effort it will take. I'm sure someone would buy it as a track toy or cheap 9 and fix her up. Rust doesn't look too bad
How about put a bit of time and effort into the car, and make it the way it should be. It won't happen overnight but over time you will have a good car
I've just come back to the UK from abroad and I'm currently um-employed. I know a money pit when I see one and can't justify putting loads of money into it.

It's not a totally bad car and would come up decent with some effort but because of the hassle i've had off the place that did the MOT I can't be bothered any more.

Going by my figures which to be fair are rough estimates, my best option is to break it.
Mine's not been around, haven't got it on the road. I'm living in St. Austell
Failed emissions aside, did you no look at all the other issues before you handed over your money?! Things like tyre wear is easy to check and surely even if you didn't drive the car yourself the owner should have taken you out for a run so you could listen to knocks and rattles etc.

The fact the car has been modified would be a big no no for me. Yes I bought mine lightly modified but not after I'd been out in it for a drive and spent nearly and hour and 40 mins pouring over every little detail in the guy's driveway until I was happy that there were no unexpected issues and to this day there was only a small rust patch that was behind the interior panels (that you'd never have found unless stripping the car out) and the fact the JDM battery died in the first winter due to age.

Strikes me you've bought a lemon, but from what you describe it's not entirely un-fixable even a new exhaust can be picked up pretty cheaply, as well as tyres (Toyo T1R's can be found for £35-45 a corner)

What has it failed on exactly?

Emissions could be the ECU but could also be the fact it appears to be running a SAFC which has probably ****ed the fueling. Does it still have a CAT, if not I'm sure you could borrow one for an MOT as there isn't a cat in hell's chance (excuse the pun) of passing without one unless they put it through on a non-cat equipped car test.

Just remember it's a 13-15 year old car, it's going to need a bit of TLC, if that's not your thing then go buy a modern car but expect it to break!
I had someone in Ireland check the car out for me (engine numbers, etc) and then bring it over. The seller lied about lots of things (synchro grinds, tyres, bent NCT).

I've not bought a car before without seeing it 1st and won't do it again, lesson learnt. I wasn't expecting a minter for the money I paid but it was proper rough, full of knocks and clunks, it was horrific to drive around town.

I did make the effort to sort it out and get it through the MOT, I did the work on it to get it through but didn't take it back in the end, the garage I used took the piss and really annoyed me. (went on holiday so I couldn't take it back for a week - didn't tell me when I came in for the MOT though, then their emissions machine broke). I only had 2 weeks of insurance cover as it was on the chassis number and because I was messed about so much it ran out. I ended up buying an Alfa 147 as i'm without a car.

The thing is, I knew i'd never be happy with the car as it's too rough all around. I'm best off cutting it loose now than plough money into it and still not be happy. I'll look to spend more on a nicer example next time. I am sold on the EK9, they are impressive bits of kit. I've owned a few 20v Levins and they don't come close.

And like you said, will look for a standard one. There is nothing worse than a car modified on the cheap. Mine had those shitty coilover sleeves on it (replaced for the MOT), HID lights where the bulbs were held in place by the rubber dust covers (shocking), an alarm that's well iffy and goes off all the time, a £5 ebay knock off K&N, it's bodge central. Some tit has decided to use rivets at every possible place, the induction kit is riveted to the strut tower, the arch liners are rivited in, so is the bumper. I've been fighting this car since day one.

If I put down everything that's wrong with it, you'd all be shocked and realise why it's being stripped. I'm a bit sad about it but I do think it's the best solution.

I pulled the engine and box out this afternoon. :shocked: :((
Amen ecsy, I feel your pain. Won't swear on here but I have said some bad things about the irish dude I bought my car off, short cuts and then SOME! See your car is on eBay for breaking? PS alfa 147? Out the frying pan into the fire? Lol :)
Ha ha, I know i'm a glutton for punishment! :) I bought the Alfa with the bottom ends knocking and changed the engine this weekend. I am a sucker for an Alfa, something about them. Have had 6 now.

It's ironic, while some punk from Civiclife is giving it the big-un saying i'm not a real car enthusiast like him (because I want to sell parts on the site without having 250 posts), i'm outside swapping the engine on my 147 in the rain. "Real" enthusiasts have a Fast Car subscription and stickerbomb their car's so they look badass on civiclife......

Yeah, put the Civic on ebay last night, had plenty of interest so far, need to get it all apart now. Engine and box came out last night.

It's a bit of a leap of faith breaking a car, I hope the figures work out well and maybe I can get myself into a decent EK9 next time around. I've had a taste of what they are about and I like it! :ek9:
I like alfa's, would love the old gtv6 but they are too much now

good luck with breaking your car :)

let us know how you get on
The breaking isn't going well. Only sold the hubs and brakes so far. I've had loads of interest from ebay, I think I'm giving decent prices and I'm open to offers. I'm wondering if most of the interest is people hoping I'm going to say £400 for the engine, £150 for the Recaros or something...

Starting to wonder if breaking will be a mistake. Starting a new job in 2 weeks and need it all gone by then. I broke a 206 GTI start to finish in 2 weeks, not sure why it's not going so well now.

Can anyone advise me on the going rate for parts? Spoiler? Engine? Recaros with a few fag burns? Bumpers? Carpet? Grill? Etc...
My spoon ecu was very rich, I got it chiped and all is well now. Its the ECU thats failing the test for you. Iam sure its really rice.
Really rice?

It's a bit late now anyway. It went really well on the ECU maybe it was at fault. I was going to try and buy a standard one but nothing came up on here or on ebay and my 2 weeks ran out.