Information About EK Sway Bars *USEFUL INFORMATION*

i see, so i should use a Civic USDM Ex Coupe's front sway bar like mention in the 1st post?

how much mm is the rear bar you have?
i am posting in order to clarify some information regarding the front swaybar swap from ek9 to all eudm eks. It has been wrongly said that ek civics apart from ek4 have the eg style fron lca which is incorrect. As fas as eudm is concerned all ek civics have the single style lca that is identical to si/sir and ek9. Therefore the 26mm ek9 swaybar will fit with out any doubt, and will be an easy installation for sure.
Here are some pics

ej9-->1400cc eudm model swaybar side by side with ek9 one.
As you can see they are identical apart from their size. Everything will bolt on there!

Here is the ek9 swaybar installed to my ej9 civic

Here is the wishbone of my civic

I am posting this information because a lot of people with ek civics have been confused


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ej9 swaybar is 22mm. Despite all odds thick swaybars give a nicer and more solid ride. I used to think that the ride was going to be harsher but it is just the opposite! Go for it but use a rear one as well.
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thanks for the info saxophonias!
You are welcome!
One question though. I am sure that ek eudm have the same lca, that is the one piece style. How come the usdm dx, lx etc have different ones? If i am right in the usa you have a domestic production line right? So is it a matter of economy of scale or something?

And probably this explains the reason why when i purchased some end links for my civic both times i received the ones for egs.
And what about the rear swaybar on the EK4?
I know the rear swaybar is thinner than the EK9 and the brackets that fix them to the subframe is different, but I wanted to know if the 22mm EK9 swaybar and D brackets will fit directly to the EK4.
Is the distance between the bolt holes in the subframe the same for the EK4 brackets and the EK9 D brackets?

CSB the EK4 subframe (or any non-ek9 subframe) will not support an EK9 swaybar by itself, even though it will fit just fine. You need to either use a welded on EK9 subframe or a bolt on brace like the ASR one. I think this has been covered in this thread already.

Saxophonias, thanks for the clarification! This is originally a USDM directed thread and now it's mostly viewed by European users, so there is some confusion.
I think honda equipped the US with non-swaybar compatible front LCA's on some models to keep the cost down on civics base price.. Subtracting the stamped LCA and swaybar save money for seller and consumer.
Hi guys...

I need the number of the rubber part which is shown by number 2 - for the 26mm front sway bar


and for the rear one - 15mm which is shown by number 29


the sway bars are from ek4...can somebody help me and know this parts oem numbers...
Anyone have the torque specs for the 22mm ctr rear sway bar?

Cant remember but i tighten mine using hand tools, whats more important is to make sure to tighten everything while the suspension is loaded, this is best done with a ramp or if you have multiple jacks you can jack up the rear of the car but before that measure the bottom of the wheel arch to the center of the hub when the car is on the ground, once the car is in the air jack up each wheel by the rotor or tire (make sure ebrake is up) to the point that it would be if the car is on the ground (measure to be sure) then tighten everything, this way there is no preload on the bar and the bushings will not be binded.
when fitting an integra rear antiroll bar(22mm) do i order ek9 / ek4/ or integra droplinks or are they all the same ?

If you were to put a thicker rear sway bar and a tire bar in the rear,would it make the tail end of the car wild and reduce body roll?
If you were to put a thicker rear sway bar and a tire bar in the rear,would it make the tail end of the car wild and reduce body roll?

I have a 22mm rear bar and a 24mm front bar and the tail has never kicked out, my car is very neutral but i also play with tire psi and run 28psi front 32psi rear.
Just so I can be clear saxophonias sorry! I have an ej9, i can just basically unbolt my sway bar and put an ek9 in with no hassle :)?

And for a rear sway bar, bolt on an ASR subframe?

Thanks blinx9900 for your answer.I will work on to it this weekend.Additionally,sway bar increases the suspension's roll stiffness,its resistance to roll in turns and independent of its spring rate in the vertical direction.

If you are saying that swaybar stiffness does not effect coilspring stiffness you are incorrect. The suspension components work together in an orchestra, no parts are independent of each other...

I use everyday my ek4 with the front oem sway bar and the asr with sway bar (24mm) it's very different
the car as a good balance
for street use only and i say street coz here we have no tracks at all :angry:

if i keep oem 22mm front sway and add asr subframe with 22mm rear ek9's sway bar how the car will be on street ?
had anyone tried this combo?

i run aftermarket coilovers :secret:

btw asr says that asr subframe can be used with oem ek9's sway bar mugen's and asr's sways only so i should forget the st 19mm sway at the rear..
i would like to ask some questions

I drive an EK2 without factory equip front sway bar.
Now i want to add an EK9 swaybar, what are the things I need?
Will it tear off my subframe?