Mugen Airbox, DC2 OEM Airbox, Whale *****

Mugen hard bet man, running a DC2 arm and blox v stack on my 1800
How does the Tegiwa carbon box compare to these?

I have a DC2 airbox on my ek9, however the fitment is pretty poor.
As the Tegiwa box is effectively a copy of the Mugen then it 'should' liberate a decent gain..

Ran a Mugen on my old DC2 and it was a great bolt on.

Have heard of fitment/quality issues with the Tegiwa box on DC2's however
Has anyone fitted the Tegiwa "Mugen" airbox to their 9?

Im noticing that the mounting holes dont seem to line up fully on the chassis leg, which is seeing to put the whole airbox "out".

Also noticing that the airbox lid must be rubbing on the bonnet when closed.

Looking at pictures online, and there doesn't seem to be much showing any details of this being fitted.
Hello! I want to ask question, which of these intakes could be the best for B18? :) Mugen Airbox, DC2 OEM Airbox or Whale *****? Which one is the the best? Maybe you have some Dyno results, that can see which one is the best! And is that big difference between DC2 OEM Airbox VS Mugen Airbox? :) Can,t decide which one setup would be the best! Thanks! ;)


:angry2: who's gonna tell them?


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