My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

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Feb 28, 2016
So asa very Small few of you know, I've moved on from the EP3, Great car which I do miss, will definitely be back in one some day soon. Was fun to drive but another car came up that took my fancy and I couldn't resist.

A (Very Fresh) 1998 Honda Integra Type R DC2. finished in Championship White.

The car it's self has been in this county less than a year and looks to have been very well looked after over in the far East and in the UK. With underseal Prior to Import, and Clocks converted, currently sitting on 86,000 Miles. Tasteful mods as well Including a full Cusco Adjustable Coil overs. Spoon Front and Rear Strut Braces. NGK Ignition Leads And Mugen Pedals to finish the interior off.

I bought the car in late March from London in England. And i can safely say I made the right decision, I'm completely in love with the car. The car handles Like nothing i've ever been in or driven. The B18 is fantastic as well real fun and brutal on the crossover.

As expected thought it has a few very minor flaws. Mostly cosmetic to be honest. But this is to be expected with a 19 year old car. A few dents and a small but nasty scrape on the driver door and rear arch are the worst bits about the car. The wheels are in great condition but could benefit from a good refurbishment. Same with the front lip and front bumper.

Plans have already taken off with the car in name. Including a Big order from Spoon Europe and Japan. So the car in question is going to be a Spoon Performance based build, and the B18c WILL be staying N/A.

Spec list:
Spoon FR & BK Strut Bars
Spoon Twinblock Calipers
Spoon Grooved Front Disc Set
Spoon FR & BK Pads
Spoon Rad Hose Set
Spoon Polished Valves
Spoon Valve Springs
Spoon Hardened LCA Bushes
Spoon Braided HT Leads
Spoon Electric Carbon Mirrors
Spoon Leather Steering Wheel
Spoon 5 Spd Gear Shifter
Spoon Lower Driver Seat Rail
Spoon P73 ECU
Spoon Carbon Kevlar Spark Plug Cover
Spoon Oil Cap
Spoon Radiator Cap
Spoon Radiator Stays
Spoon Air Cone Filter
Spoon Gearbox Magnetic Plug
Spoon Sump Magnetic Plug
Spoon Resivoir Socks
Mugen Twin Loop (Poss. be for sale soon)
Tegiwa Mugen Rep Air Induction Kit (Poss. be for sale soon)
Toda High Power Timing Belt

Future Plans:
Spoon N1 Full Exhaust System
Spoon Pistons
Spoon Throttle Body
Spoon Radiator
Spoon FR & BK Rigid Collars
Spoon Coilover System
Spoon Full Bushing Set
Spoon Trailing Arm Bushes
Spoon or Toda Camshafts
Spoon Baffled Sump
Spoon Engine Mounts
Spoon Gear Shift Rod
Spoon Braided Brake Hoses
Spoon Shift Linkage Bushes
Spoon Organic Clutch
Spoon Close Ratio Gear Set
Spoon Lightened Flywheel
Spoon Release Bearing
Spoon Braided Clutch Hose
Spoon Spark Plugs

A Good Service is on it's way soon also, consisting of:
Mugen Hi-Performance Oil Filter
Motul 300V 5W-40 Engine Oil
Motul RBF 660 Dot.4 Brake Fluid
New Honda OEM Front Wheel Bearings
New Honda OEM FR ARB Bushes

Also equipped the Factory wheels with a fresh set of Yokohama Advan AD08R's and got the wheels Re-Aligned whilst I was there.

Thanks for viewing and I hope to update this more often soon. Stepped away from for a while. But thought I should Update how things have gone. The EJ9 is still very much alive, BIG plans for that too.

C&C Welcome.
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nice car mate:eek2:
Thanks for the kind words.

I'm planning on keeping the car as authentic and OEM+ As possible. Spoon parts are just to help solidify the car. Have the Idea of Sourcing a fresh B18 So I don't sacrifice the solid engine it already has. Extremely fun car to drive and own. And an added bonus that theres only a handful of JDM DC2's up in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire.