My EK4 ( killer B)


Jun 20, 2011
Back in 2010 i got the good news from my family that they were going to help me buy a car. So i started to look for a car and i settled for an Eg3 and got a MK5 Fiesta 1.3 :))) ( this is the downside when you got 3 people with 3 diffrent ideas and you got the less money than the others).
Right after i got the Fiesta i posted it up for sale. It took me about 1 year until i sold it saddly :(.
So now it was 2011 , i had the money and the decision all to me so i started to look for a Civic. I wanted a EK4 Vti but it was waaaay over my budget, so i settled for a 96' EJ9 with low milage , mint engine , mint interior but with a bit of rust.
Time has pased the EJ got new springs (Skunk 2 coilover sleeves) , changed 4 sets of shoes (some no name bbs look ones, then a set of Superturismo GT, then OZ F1 and finaly 949 6UL wich are nearly imposible to get here in Romania so i'm very proud of them) .
So this year like 3 months ago my gramps asked me if i would sell my car cause it's old and rusty .... my answer was no. Then he said he is gonna help me buy a new one ... pam pam! I managed to raise a bit of money over the years so i said ok, so i stared to look for a car (Civic of course :D ). Found a great deal in Hungary and went to buy a EK4 Vti all stock , in mint condition giving the milage it has. And now i have 2 Civics but, saddly i have to sell the EJ cause, finacialy i can't handle two cars .
So the dream came true i have the EK4 but i hate to see the EJ go it's a part of me ... :)
Here are some photos :)


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So the EJ got sold about a month ago ... and now its the killer B time .... it got an oil change for now , DOHC VTEC decals on the side panels , got the rear wing lifted a bit , and the tail lights had a EK9 wiring coversion . here are the decals
and the DIY EK9 wiring result

things i have to do in the near future:
-change the timing belt and the whater pump.
- ordered the SiR mid wing, will arrive this week and will have to paint it then mount it.

And now a question regarding the timing belt ... the timing belt is Gates , the water pump is GMB , an the tension pulley (if thats how it's said in english) is SKF ... is this setup ok ?
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Finaly got my Eibach Pro kit springs mounted ... On stock dampers here are some pics . The last one is before with stock springs
Looks a real good example. That mileage is loooow! Any bay and interior shots? Perfect lowering height I think
Looks a real good example. That mileage is loooow! Any bay and interior shots? Perfect lowering height I think
here you go ;)
and yes the ride height is perfect for me ... The ej9 i had before was much lower and it was sucky giving the fact it was a daily and the roads are not great either ...
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Summer wheels ore on :megusta: 949 Racing 6ul 15x8 with 205/50/15 tires