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Oct 19, 2016
Honda Civic EJ9 2000
Hi guys im new to the forum and would like to show you my car! It's a facelift EJ9 D14 1.4 IS. It's from 2000 and has done 270xxx km's, runs like new and is used as a daily, has a nice sunroof and power windows but no aircon. Never had any problems even when driving through harsh winter weather. Mostly rust free, one little downside though: the once so glorious Milano Red is beginning to fade on some spots...

Mods done:
Prelude front seats
Apex lowering springs 45 mm (maybe coilovers in future)
Skunk2 full catback exhaust Megapower (running with silencer :)
Cold air intake
OEM window visors
OEM hoodbra
15 inch rims

To do list:
Paint (dont know how or what yet)
Midwing SIR spoiler (obtained one still needs to be fit)
Front lip (either type-r or custom laguna lip)
Rear lip
Maybe some engine work but I'm content with my 90 bhp 7400 rpm screamer for the time being.

Thats about it. Would love to hear your reactions about the car, suggestions on how to further style the car are always welcome.





I'm thinking about painting the hood black and replacing this trunk with a black one... yay or nay?
Only if that's what makes you happy. :dance:

Nice EJ9. Fun to see how many varieties there are of this style hatchback. We never got the EJ9 model here in America- we never got a 6th gen hatch with a sunroof. Good luck on your project.
Thanks for the replies guys! This is an european facelift model it was registered first in 2001 so it probably sat at a dealer for a year before being sold. Ive decided not to fit the trunk and black hood for now. A new update:

Fitted the midwing left it OEM black, matches very well with the red and black accents on the rest of the car. Got it for €20- including the black trunk which was still in good condition so Ill keep it as a spare. Sorry for the double post here are some more pics:


Type r grillle fittes today. I think it looks neat, am waiting for a glossy black hood to become available as a mate will replace his with a carbon one. Facelift parts are a pain in the a.. to find! If i cant get a good hood (dont think painting myself will give a good enough result) then I will at least make the outer rim of the grille red.

Got mugen lip fitted. Think it looks absolutely sick now <3




Took her to Japfest Zandvoort today had a nice little spot with 2 of my friends on the paddock. Also waxed the paint and lifted the wing! Had a blast today and really enjoyed the car over 400km's of driving.


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