New US Ek9 owner

The ITR DB8 was finally tuned and dyno'd. The specs are above in a previous post. Made 215/136 to the wheels on pump 93. I think maybe playing around with intakes and cam gears (currently set at 0,0) can net a few more HP.

I have a video but can't figure how to post as it's a large file.

With the ITR wrapping up I can now focus on the EK9 and putting in time to stripping and fully restoring cosmetically (paint, moldings etc). I think i'll leave the little b16b alone but man some cams and ITBS may be calling my name. lol .We'll see.

good numbers , what's the rev limit?

it would be great if you got the video uploaded :))
Picked up the Integra DB8R from the shop Friday and man the Toda build/power feels great. Took it to a small weekly cars/coffee meet today.
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 7.09.05 PM.png