pdapaul's YellowSpeed Time Attack EKK24 on ITBS

Cheers guys.
Sometimes you get in the middle of a task and wonder why you bothered, but I really think the wider tyres and the even wider track will really help on track.
I might no be the fastest down the straights, but hopefully I don't have to slow down for the corners ha ha.
As the car is quite low I always have to take the front bumper off when getting it on and off the trailer. I've tried the rubber band thingys and tbh they just don't keep the bumper tight enough for me, especially when smashing over curbs.
So i gypsy fabbed a quick but very sturdy way today. But of ally bracket bolted to the wing, with a captive thread riveted to it. With the Tegiwa short bolt set it's literally a couple of seconds with the leccy screwdriver and they are off.

Really like that quick release mate simple and effective obv, would like to do something similar hate taking bumpers off!
Cheers bud :)
I thought about screws, but they will soon start loosing grip, but a machine screw should just keep going.

The little captive nuts are only about a quid from Demon Tweeks, just let me know and I'll post a linky
How hard is it to wrap a car? Wouldn't mind doing mine as my paint job will never ever be 100%.
To wrap a flat door is a piece of @@@@, to wrap a bumper is a completely different matter!!

In reality it is quite a difficult skill to learn, and it's important to have the right conditions to do it properly. Whenever we do it I always make sure the workshop is 17 degrees + it's hot to be clean, and significantly easier if there's 2 of you.
Cheers bud. I hope to have it completely rewrapped and stickered up this weekend, so I'll post some pics later :)
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Been working on the car all weekend, and bar the odd bit it's just about done. I wanted the car to look a little different, so accentuated the black parts a little more this time. I ended up wrapping black on the rear arch to continue the black from front to rear, and I'm pretty pleased with the finish. It's kept the overall shape of the car which is what I wanted.

Air bubbles in the wrap for more lightness?
I like your thinking!
I also replaced the boot latches with the Tegiwa quick release panel fasteners . Fantastic bit of kit :)

This looks so good! Have you figured out what events you will be attending this year?
Cheers bud :)
The plan so far is Vtec Challenge..oulton, silvestone & Donnington
Time Attack..oulton, croft & possibly Cadwell
Ten of the best
If money allows may try northern tin top round
I think it's safe to say ,your hard work on the car has paid off with a very eye catching car.
Best of luck this season!
Please keep us posted on progress and videos :drool:.