Pulling to the left


Aug 13, 2014
Hi guys. Just purchased my ek9 last week and its pulling to the left. I had it on the ramp and everything seems to be ok but i could feel the play in the driver side tie rod so ive changed that and that solved that problem.

Got my 4 wheel alignment done and its still pulling to the left. Didn't understand what the print out was saying so thought id ask you guys for your opinions on what could cause this. Here are the before and after printouts

The car is on meister r coilovers. As soon as you let go of the steering wheel it will pull to the left.

Thanks for the help




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Camber and caster is a bit un even on the front,
Possibly a bent wishbone
is it pulling drastically? cars will naturally drift to the left anyway due to the fall on the road.
I have taken it on a smooth straight road and as soon as you take your hands of the steering it will pull to the left. I can feel it in the steering wheel that it wants to lean/move towards that side on any road surface. It does move quite quick to the left but not instant
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tire pressures, sticking brakes? worn bushes could all cause the pulling.
I've pumped the tyres to equal pressures at the front and back, brakes feel ok. I've had a look at the bushes but can't see anything obvious or feel any play. Going to have another look today. Anyone else experience anything similar to my problem?
its gonna be a bent top or bottom wishbone, it could be a very slight bend might not be able to see it by eye if you are not used to it.
Are ek9 top/bottom wishbones the same as normal ek models or are they different?
Thanks mate. I will take a better look at the top/bottom wishbones. Is there any way to measure to compare the driver side to the passenger one.
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Iirc the bottom ek9 arms are different to the other ek arms? Also the bushes on the top arms are bigger in the ek9 I'm pretty sure.
Does look like you got a bend somewhere mate. Though I've had a bent arm before and it never pulled my car to the side.
Yeah i found the problem. I think it was the bottom driver side wishbone that was bent slightly which pushed the wheel more to the left.
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From measuring it from different points compared to my passenger side wishbone it was way of causing the wheel not to sit straight.
Well atleast you found your problem.
Take it you've changed the arm now?
Cool mate. Will do the same as you though, get an alignment done again and take it from there :)
Just a update. I finally changed my driver side wishbone. But the wheel is still the same as before. Bit confused on what else it could be.