Rwd converstion


Aug 23, 2011
Im looking for information about converting a b16b to run the other way so it can be used to power a mk2 escort rally car. It has been done before but I'm looking for info as to what has to be changed and is it expensive

Thaks in advance
To do it correctly it is expensive, custom cams, dry sump system, custom timing belt arrangement with electric water pump, custom exhaust manifold, custom bell housing, and they are only the big parts.

A lot of time, effort and failures have gone into developing reverse rotation b series by two engine builders in Ireland. Far simpler use a ford or opel 1600 engine in an escort because the parts can be bought off the shelf
Cheers for the feedback just something about a b series in a escort though
No be easier to turn the rear diff upside down? Means the diff rotates the opposite way but because the honda motors spin the opposite direction the diff rotates the right way?
I'm not sure the gearbox would work in reverse? but it is an interesting idea nevertheless!